The Vermont Rural Fire Protection Task Force is pleased to announce the 18th year of funding for towns to

improve fire suppression capabilities. 

The goals of the program are to:    

Save lives, by reducing response time and improving both public and firefighter safety.

Enable fire fighters to have quicker, easier, and safer year round drafting capability.

Reduce risks to property and natural resources, both public and private.

Lower insurance premiums, both public and private.



The maximum grant award is $4,000 per project/system - 25% local match is required.

The installation of new dry hydrants & other types of rural water supplies is still the priority of the program, but eligible projects also include repair/upgrade, replacement, and relocation of existing rural water supplies, whether previously grant funded or not. 

  We have application deadlines of April 1st, June 1st, and August 1st, 2017.  Please submit your application(s) by the appropriate deadline and it will be processed in the order it was received.

We no longer mail unsolicited application packets to Fire Departments/Towns and Muninet does not allow attachments so please visit and download the application packet or contact Troy Dare, Program Manager, at 802-828-4582 - [log in to unmask] to have an application packet mailed to you.


Vermont Towns & Fire Departments are eligible for grant funding.  If approved for funding, after sites have been assessed, designed, and estimated, two signed agreements will be required:

1. Landowner authorization if the project is to be constructed on privately-owned land.  Please see the example included in this packet.  An editable version is available online at 

2. A grant agreement between the Town or FD and VACD that outlines the project implementation plan, final award amount, and grant payments.


Complete ONE application per proposed installation and email/mail to:


VACD RFP Program

c/o Troy Dare

[log in to unmask]

14 Crab Apple Ridge, Randolph, VT 05060


Please include any cost estimates and/or descriptions you have for the project with your application.

A 25% local match of total project cost is required.  Match can be met through cash contributions, pre-owned material, and/or in-kind services such as volunteer time and equipment usage.

Project completion will involve submitting:

      Total project expense documentation including local match and copies of invoices & receipts.

      Project photos before, during, and after completion. 

      News article or other public announcement summarizing the project.

      Final inspection that includes: a maintenance log started with results from the first back-flush and test of the system, proper guard posts, signage, painting of any exposed PVC pipe, and any other site specific requirements such as water source capacity and access.


Please contact:

Troy Dare, Rural Fire Protection Program Manager

(802) 828-4582 - [log in to unmask]