Force-Quit Commands
In the rare event that the secure browser or test becomes unresponsive, you can force-quit the
secure browser.
To force the secure browser to close, use the keyboard command for your operating system as
shown below. This action logs the student out of the test. When the secure browser is opened
again, the student logs back in to resume testing.
Operating System Key Combination
Windows* Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F10
Mac OS X* Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F10. The Ctrl key may appear as Control, Ctrl, or ^
Linux Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Esc
*If you are using a laptop or notebook, you may need to press Function before pressing F10.
Caution: Use of Force-Quit Commands
The secure browser hides features such as the Windows task bar or Mac OS X dock. If the
secure browser is not closed correctly, then the task bar or dock may not reappear correctly,
requiring you to reboot the device. Avoid using a force-quit command if possible.
Force-quit commands do not exist for the secure browser for iOS, Chrome OS, and Android
• iOS: To exit Guided Access, triple-click the Home button, then close the app as you would
any other iOS app.
• Chrome OS: To exit the secure browser, press Ctrl + Shift + S.
• Android: To close the secure browser, tap the menu button in the upper-right corner and
select Exit

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Subject: sbac force-quit option

quick sbac question on a chromebook.

We've had a lot of sbac student login freeze after they enter in the exam code. The chromebook is unresponsive, except for the ctrl+alt+refresh to flip the screen. Is there any way to force quit the kiosk instead of doing a hard shutdown on a chromebook?


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