From our compadres in Maine comes the 15th year of a great “participant driven mini conference”. I have been several times and plan to go again this year.

Hey everyone!

I'm soliciting session ideas and presenters for FOSSed 2017!  If you've
ever wanted to take part in one of the best PD opportunities in's your chance!  FOSSed is both participants driven and taught.
Folks just like you are sharing their knowledge with others and learning
together!  Let me know what you'd like to learn more about!  If you have
something you'd like to share and present...let me know that too!  We NEED

So...with all that...registration for the most awesome learning opportunity
of the summer is now open!  Register today by going here:

Or by visiting the FOSSed web site!

If you have ideas on what you'd like to learn or present...let me know!

* David Trask*
FOSSed 2017
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Glen Page
Director of Information Technology
ThetNet - Thetford Academy

"Our specialty is reverse defenestration:
throwing windows out of a computer." from the website


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