One of our middle school teams has floated this proposal to change their
instructional model for 1-to-1 devices next school year.  To be blunt, it
goes against what I consider best practices, but I want to do my due
diligence and see if others have tried this structure, and any pros/cons.

Here’s their proposal:

*We’d REALLY like to see that chromebooks are a classroom tool; each
classroom should have a set of them, and students in each class use an
assigned chromebook as needed for that class.  Chromebooks would not leave
the rooms.  Students would put the chromebook back at the end of class,
move to their next class, then use the chromebook assigned to them in that
next room (for that class).  We’d like to do away with the idea of each
student ‘owning’ a chromebook*.

Who else is using this kind of structure with middle school students?  To
be clear, this is not a case of not having enough devices for each student;
we have a ChromeBook for all students in grades 6 - 8.  Teachers believe
this will make it easier for them to keep track of all devices (and

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