The issue of ownership is a problem, and not just with the kids, but also with staff, many teachers let the carts become a mess.  Social Studies had a 25 Chromebooks in a cart when the year started. (they acquired these before we went 1:1). Last time I checked, there were 7.  Ask the teacher where the rest are, she says "I dunno".  Then, we want kids to take them home to do homework.  And last but not least, you'd need a lot more of them if you're gonna put a full set in every classroom.  

The only upside I can see is there probably would be a lot less damage, because most screens get broken while the CBs are in kid's backpacks.

On Fri, Mar 31, 2017 at 9:22 AM, Raymond Ballou <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

We have 1-1 CBs 678 and also have issues with students who do not have their device with them at all times (temporarily misplaced, left at home, etc).

New for this year we have placed 1 CB loaner with each core classroom teacher.

In prior years, shared use CBs were available for loan from a central location.

Having the loaners in the classrooms has cut down on some issues (fewer students without a device when needed, less time away searching or borrowing) but created others (students slightly less likely to have their device as they know there is one to borrow)

Overall the teachers are happier with this system.

Given the modest cost of the CBs (or using cycled out CBs) I think we will up the number of loaners in the classroom in the future.

No solution is perfect, but in this case 1-1 with supplemental shared use loaners, might be a bridge step to try/suggest before a wholesale switch to shared use cart per classroom.


Here’s their proposal:

We’d REALLY like to see that chromebooks are a classroom tool; each classroom should have a set of them, and students in each class use an assigned chromebook as needed for that class.  Chromebooks would not leave the rooms.  Students would put the chromebook back at the end of class, move to their next class, then use the chromebook assigned to them in that next room (for that class).  We’d like to do away with the idea of each student ‘owning’ a chromebook.


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