Hello Folks,

Thanks for the responses.  We use Profile Manager to manage our iPads and
Google Domain to manage the Chromebooks.  Is anyone doing anything in the
Google domain with Android devices?

Thank you,


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Please keep this thread going if possible...

We have been exploring using Android Tablets as kiosk devices for the
Library.  Comparing the differences in management using the GC - Google
Console, we are leaning back toward either an iPad that we can manage using
Profile Manager or a touch screen Chromebook that we can manage using the

If there were an easy way to remotely manage Android tablets, that would be

I love the constant learning that Educational Technology bring us.


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I do know that the Google Management Console you can deploy Wi-Fi networks
and certificates to Chrome devices, but I don’t know if you can apply those
settings to Android devices.


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Hi Folks,

We have a few Android devices which are shared among students.  We have
them setup to allow for 5 profiles on each device.  When new students use
the devices we bump them and reset them.  We are trying to figure a better
way to manage these because when they are bumped everything gets wiped.  We
are moving to certificated based authentication and that would  mean we
would need to install the certificates each time.  This will end up being
time consuming and not something we really want to do.  We could stick with
an SSID that allows passwords, but we don’t really want to do that either.

How are other schools managing Android devices?

Thank you for you information,

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