I've received some additional counts of Canada Geese from other lake 
locations bringing the total accounted for to approximately 22,000 
Canada Geese using Lake Champlain yesterday in this post-Nor'easter 
time.  There also are several large areas of the lake which might have 
had significant numbers not seen or counted, that would increase this 
number even more.

Thanks to everyone for being out birding and counting those birds, be 
there a few in sight, or huge flocks on ice or water ... and then 
reporting them to eBird for all to use.



On 3/18/2017 9:24 PM, Ian Worley wrote:
> If you have been around Lake Champlain since the Nor'easter you've 
> noticed that it appears all the Canada Geese that were on migration 
> during the previous warm spell hit a road block from the Nor'easter 
> and piled up in the lake.  You also may have seen them in the mornings 
> heading to adjacent cornfields.
> Well, I just added up all the Canada Geese counted in and along the 
> lake, and submitted to eBird for today as of 9:00 pm, plus one 
> aggregation not yet submitted.  The total is 15,400 Canada Geese. 
> There were also three Xs submitted from locations yesterday or the day 
> before that had from 1000 to 3000 geese.
> Ian