Sounds like Brown-headed Cowbirds.   PS I saw a flock of estimated 200 !! on
Creek Road Clarendon over the weekend.  On approach I thought they should be
Starlings.  Nancy Brown Danby Four Corners

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A friend reported a flock of birds swarming together and feeding along side
the road in Pawlet.  She thought they looked most like barn swallows.  This
seemed to be a very unusual report given the 'swarming flock' ID and the
lack of food for these insect eaters.  I suggested Snow Buntings but she saw
the flock again today with this description....  I'm at a loss.  Any

'they are very sleek and not at all like buntings. i didn't see any white -
they looked almost black, and were very 'pointy' looking - wings, tails and
beaks. they reminded me of arrows.'

Ruth Stewart
E. Dorset, VT