Summary of the Guidelines Postings. Thanks to all who helped me out.

The National Guideline Clearinghouse is totally dependent on the producers of guidelines submitting them.  They don't go out and beat the bushes to find new guidelines, updates, etc.  Even when you submit a guideline it can take months and months to have it entered into the clearinghouse. NGC vets them according to some inclusion criteria they have.  Not everything submitted is included. I used to work for [XYZ Association's]... office and it was one of my jobs to submit our guidelines to NGC. From what I remember the form you have to fill out is pretty long and complicated.

If I find a guideline in the national guideline Clearinghouse database I know it is the latest guideline submitted to NGC as they archive old versions when a new one comes out.  The archives are under the Guideline Summaries tab. Guidelines have to be reviewed or revised every 5 years, so the one you are referencing should be reviewed this year.  Now there is still the potential that a new version could be written and not submitted to NGC, though I haven't heard of that happening.

I think the answer partly depends on what you're looking for. I personally consider the ACR appropriateness criteria fairly highly in areas that they cover, but I go direct to the source: That way if there's something that just came out and hasn't been updated in yet, you know you're getting the newest iteration. In this case, 2012 was it.
They also have lists of things they are working on (both new & updates), so you can see if something might be updated soon:

I look at the issuing organization's web site and the web in general.

I usually check to see when the one before was published.  That way, I know there is/isn't a new one.  For example, this one says 1996 (Revised 2012).  I wouldn't think there would be anything newer, but it never hurts to just throw it in Google to see if anything swims to the surface!  I don't think any of these are hot off the press - but 2012 is pretty recent.

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