Oh my goodness!  I just had to share this with you all!  I didn't realize today was very significant.  In an email to me, Becky writes

By the way, there are two things to celebrate today: Dr. Seuss's Birthday and World Book day.
Here is a poem I wrote for you and Medical Librarians everywhere in honor of Dr. Seuss day:

Ode to Medical Librarianship

I love my job,
I love it so,
I love it more
Than you can know!

What do I do?
What do I know?
I surf PubMed, to and fro,
On anything and everything
From front to back and brain to toe!
That's what I do and you should too!
I think, I think, you'd love it too!

DynaMed and Up-to-Date,
I just think that they're really great.
Lexi-Comp and Natural Med
Put information in your head.
Ovid and Clinical Key
Fill my heart with tons of glee!
Nursing Reference and CINAHL
Omigosh, I LOVE them all!

Databases make me happy,
I know it sounds a little sappy,
Researching is so much fun to do,
Makes my hands go clappy, clappy!

Articles, Articles,
Articles galore!
We've got 'em stacked
From ceiling to floor!

Journals, journals by the thousands!
I'm not kidding, ask Full text Finder!
Some in print, and tons online
Which makes information a breeze to find
Which I find truly sublime sometime,
Because really, who wants to waste their time?

Not me and certainly not you
'Cuz we've got better things to do!
Get what you need and get it fast,
Evidence based information
Is such a blast!

Analyze and scrutinize,
Investigate and question,
Dissect, inspect, examine again,
Survey, appraise, and check once more-
Are your facts, stats and data sure?
And is your info proven true by them?
You know who: those academic-manians!

Books and Brains and lots of thinking
Collaborating and sometimes tinkering
Because technology is ever changing
Adapt and flex and stretch and grow
"And my oh my, the places you'll go!"

This was written by Becky Neumann, Medical Librarian extraordinaire.
Hearing her say this out loud in rapid fire a la "One Fish Two Fish" style is priceless!  A great treat!!

Have a great day!

Forwarded by,
Heidi Sue

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