Dear All,

Would any of you have access to the Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice
(2016)?  I believe that they are also included in a Supplement issue to the
Jan/Feb 2016 issue of
the Journal of Infusion Nursing (though not included in my electronic

Title of Journal:  Journal of Infusion Nursing
Year:  2016
Volume:  39
Issue:  Supplement 1S (Jan/Feb)
Pages:  S81-?

Title of section/article:  Section 41 - VAD Assessment, Site Care, and
Dressing Changes.

If anyone is able to pass along to me the section in question, I would
greatly appreciate it.  My apologies for not knowing the exact number of
pages, as the patron and I were only able to find an incomplete reference.

Thank you very much for any help you can give us!

Kindly and very gratefully,
Margaret Cirillo, MLS
Keller Army Community Hospital
Medical Librarian
West Point, NY
845-938-3592 ph

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