I hadn't seen Herebedragons for a while, so naturally I joined up with a clinic at Kmart to look for him, and of course there he was.
Just kidding.  It was another weird coincidence that I ran into him, like every other time that we bump into each other.
It was great to talk about surfing again.
If anyone on this list should post more often, it is probably him.  He's everywhere, all the time.

Anyway, it was an interesting day.  It snowed from 8 til 10, stopped for an hour, then snowed for another hour.  Later it turned to rain at about 3.  There was some kind of freezing fog or rime ice in there too.  The surface conditions were better than that sounds.
The lesson was joined by Nicole who added a lot to the mogul portion.  (She has won the Mogul Challenge about 5 times.)

Every day on skis is a good day.  Today, that was absolutely true.

John Bonin

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