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>The lifts are Smuggs are getting old and they fear the lifts will fail to
pass inspection.

I find this surprising. Madonna was redone ~15 years ago when they lowered
the towers to get the chairs out of the wind, and Sterling had it's entire
cable replaced in the past few years. I am no engineer, but I imagine major
issues would have been taken care of during this work.

> I also heard that Smuggs had plans to develop 4 ski areas at the resort
but only developed 3 of them.

Yep, in the 60's there were plans to expand north from Morse to
Whiteface(Sterling on the topos).

Reliable word is the land is owned by Smuggs(someone who knows how to
search this properly can find out if this is right). The prospect of
development  of Whiteface is met with mixed emotions by Smuggs skiers(as is
the prospect of a Vail Purchase).

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