I haven't been able to come up for air at the office since I've been back,
but I spent a little bit of time tonight getting a few shots processed from
this year's epic trip for the list.

In no particular order:

1.  Seton Lake at sunset, near Lillooet, BC, on the drive up from Whistler
to Kamloops to start the trip.

2.  DaveR (in blue) looking back up at the group's handiwork on Tiny's

3.  EugeneK (in green) charges a line below the outlet of the Grinch

4.  EricK (in red) samples Murray's Hole

5.  AndyD (in purple) gets'em sideways in Murray's Hole 

And, in case you are wondering, yes, there was run after run after run like
this.  It really was a great trip with the best snow in several years. More
photos and posts to come of some epic terrain.


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