Thank you, Peter and River. It looks like I need to buy a new one.


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Bellows just gets bad after certain number of samples (about one to two years) and starts to leak. You just need to change a new one. We changed twice in less than 4 years.

You cannot swamp with another one, as you need two side bellows later for hardware and signals calibration. 

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Dear Isogeochem,

Our Thermo bellows (reference side, Delta V plus) had a slow leak, about 2.6 mbar/min. I checked the valves around the bellows, and they should be fine. I was wondering if it is just a sealing problem which could be fixed easily? or it is a time to replace the whole bellows with a new one? Does anybody have an instruction to do it? I will appreciate it.

Another question, since we normally don't need the other bellows (sample side), is it possible to swap them? Is there anything I need to pay attention when I swap/replace the bellows? Thanks a lot in advance!

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