I echo be careful.  Questions to ask include, how do the professional  code of ethics support this activity?   For example, ALA Code...

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Subject: Re: Library outreach idea-need your advice

Be careful, librarians getting involved with anything to do with patient
care can be a very slippery slope. You could get sued if the unit is
defective and patients get erroneous readings.

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> Good morning-
> One of my librarians has come up with a great idea.  She wants to take
> blood pressure monitors out with her to homebound stops and check them out
> to patrons.  She also wants to provide tracking forms for them so they
> could track their own blood pressure.
> I think this could be a bigger project with avenues for collaboration.
> Have any of you done anything like this-or do you have any ideas of how we
> could go about implementing this project.  I'm going to make contact with
> two local residency programs to see if any of the residents might be
> interested in working with us on a project.
> I'd love any feedback you all have.
> Thank you,
> Tori
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