Hi Annie,
I agree, do not fear liability, just know the regulations for distributing equipment and who the patron will call if they have questions or the equipment fails.  Who will own the equipment, etc  Having been involved with homecare businesses, including Medicare,  private that were JCAHO accredited, request that the city attorney reviews medical equipment distribution, homecare regulations, etc.  Confirm who will be responsible for educating the patron/patient, etc. Maybe county health departments in your area would like to collaborate...

Christina Wyles MS, RN, MLIS

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We can't let the fear of liability stop us from doing great things and helping people.
> Just make them sign a release and run it by the city attorney, and check your insurance coverage, and that should help protect against any potential liability. It's a very helpful idea for a community.
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>> Good morning-
>> One of my librarians has come up with a great idea.  She wants to take blood pressure monitors out with her to homebound stops and check them out to patrons.  She also wants to provide tracking forms for them so they could track their own blood pressure.
>> I think this could be a bigger project with avenues for collaboration.
>> Have any of you done anything like this-or do you have any ideas of how we could go about implementing this project.  I'm going to make contact with two local residency programs to see if any of the residents might be interested in working with us on a project.
>> I'd love any feedback you all have.
>> Thank you,
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