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Expert Opin Drug Metab Toxicol.
2015 Jan;11(1):25-39. doi: 10.1517/17425255.2014.970166. Epub 2014 Nov 26.
Safety issues and drug-drug interactions with commonly used quinolones.
Douros A
1, Grabowski K
Stahlmann R
Author information

Quinolones are widely used antimicrobials with good efficacy and favourable
safety. Recently, forms of quinolone toxicity such as peripheral
neuropathy, retinal detachment or QTc-prolongation have attracted attention.

Data on different aspects of direct quinolone toxicity are reviewed and
consider risk factors and predisposing structural properties. Indirect
forms of quinolone toxicity such as Clostridium difficile infections or
adverse reactions associated with drug-drug interactions are also
discussed. Finally, the role of transporters in the pharmacokinetics of
these antimicrobials and their utilisation in critically ill patients are
illustrated. A MEDLINE PubMed search for articles published in English from
January 1960 to June 2014 was completed using the terms: quinolone,
quinolone-induced toxicity, quinolone pharmacokinetics, quinolone and
critically ill, drug-drug interactions.

Quinolones exhibit an important component of the antibiotic arsenal.
Although several adverse events have been associated with their use, taking
into consideration risk factors, contraindications and potential drug-drug
interactions can drastically reduce the respective risks.

drug–drug interactions; quinolones; safety; toxicity
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