Here's a summary of the responses I received from my question around freely available polling software/websites.  Thank you to everyone who chimed in!
free account limits the participation to 40 responses (others said 25)

I've seen Socrative used by at least one McGill prof; Socrative has a free version (with limitations):

I used it during the prof's lecture and found it fairly straightforward.

When we have a WebEx going there is a way to have people vote.  You can set up a question and use radio buttons to list the answers.  The tabulated results appear on the screen.

You can also have people raise their hands for a yes or no question.

So you could provide a webex link (or equivalent) for people to sign on using their phones at a live in-house presentation.  The results would appear on the screen.

If you use Wordpress they allow you to really easily insert a poll.  It's free and works really well - I've used in loads of times.

Another product I have been looking at is Kahoot.  They offer surveys, quizzes, etc.  I think it isn't as easy to use/implement as Poll Everywhere IMHO.

I was just at a presentation where three of these were used. I don't know if they are free or not, but they were each great in their own way, so you may want to at least check for cost - Kahoot, PollEverywhere, and mentimeter.

You might look at Survey Monkey. There is a free version as well as one that costs.

I have used Socrative, It works well in my experience. I think there are limits on numbers of simultaneous users if you have the free version. I have used it in computer labs, so users are all sitting at a computer.

I have seen Participoll,, but not used it in a real situation. It uses mobile devices and I think users can send responses by text as well as by mobile internet.

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