I’ve had to get system boards of two or three recent-generation Latitudes replaced because the TPM becomes flaky and totally disappears from the system. In my cases, it was still even enabled in the BIOS. Asked for key each time it booted and I wasn’t able to even disable the protectors because the chip wasn’t found. It’d magically show back up after a few boots, only to disappear again later on.


Not sure if this is your issue, but I’ve experienced it a handful of times and it was an bonafide hardware issue.


Mickey Mossey


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Potentially bad or reset TPM?  I have had that occur in the past where the TPM for some reason reset and became disabled in the bios. May be something to look at.


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I have a faculty member who has a one-year old Latitude E5570, Windows 10, domain joined. Yesterday morning she got the Bitlocker recovery screen. I got the recovery key and all seemed well, but she emailed me late last night to say she turned the laptop off/on before leaving for the day to make sure she could get back in, and she was once again at the Bitlocker recovery screen. I am not at the office this morning, so I sent her to the Bitlocker self-recovery so that she can log in and use the computer.


Meanwhile, any ideas what might be causing this and how to fix?


Helen Read

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Department of Mathematics & Statistics

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