Not sure if you intend to set up Google Cloud Print or if you already use it in your environment but a ‘gotcha’ we got direct from G Suite support is that the Chromebox (regardless of Manu and Model) will not support Google Cloud Print and require a bit of third-party software (see $$$) to support it and even then the vendor cannot guarantee it. They have yet to provide details around it though.

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Happy Spring (finally!).

Was wondering if any of you are using Chromebox for computer lab desktops.

If so:

  *   Any gotchas?
  *   How are you handling log ins?

     *   Guest account?
     *   Everyone using their assigned domain accounts?
We are looking to replace an aging iMac lab.  Options that are being floated are MacMini, Chromebox or maybe even Linux/Ubuntu (but that is not high on the list at this point - not looking to add another OS).  The school is about 50/50 Mac/Chromebook.

Suggestions and thoughts?

Cheers and see you next week at Dynamic Landscapes 2017<>!!


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