I tried for a while to get a resolution to the empty box situation. The
best I found is to have HP send me a shipping label and I send the foam
from their boxes to a foam recycler. The cardboard goes into our regular
recycling. Last summer they sent a truck to collect the foam from all our
purchases. Below is what got us started.
Roberts, Rebecca <[log in to unmask]>
to me

Hi Jed,

There are a lot of complications/considerations for packaging, but I, as
well as many others, would like to see a foam alternative.  Until then,
foam can continue to be processed through HP Recycling services.

I’m wondering if it would be cost effective to put the foam into our bulk
toner collection boxes and use UPS or FedEx rather than doing a freight
pickup.  I believe the boxes are 20x20x22.  However, any large box would
do.  Home Depot has large moving boxes for about $1.50 or an extra box from
around the school works too.  Once the box is full, I can get you a prepaid
FedEx label to send the material to our recycling center.

Jed Carini
CESU Technology Support

On Thu, May 4, 2017 at 10:28 AM, Raymond Ballou <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Dear List
> Anyone know who 'our' HPI rep is?
> I am not asking about TTF or Panurgy (i'd call them VARs), I am asking
> about someone who is an employee for HPI in sales, that reps Vermont.
> It might be this person (or was) email does not work.
> *[log in to unmask]*
> I am not asking about HPE (I know my rep there)
> I am asking about HPI, HP Inc (ProBook laptops)
> I need an HPI rep to set us up with a better system than HP shipping empty
> boxes to us for deport repair.
> I am not looking for the self repair program, this is something else.
> Thanks,
> R
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