Hi all,

Just a little tidbit you may want to consider.

If you already use a telecom consultant to support your RFP process for telecom and data services, then you can ignore this email.

If you don't use a consultant, I'd suggest you consider using one.  They can save you thousands in eliminating services you don't need, and also in getting the best pricing possible.  Having someone on your side that has worked in the industry can be a huge benefit, something I've seen in working with CCSU.

I'm not talking erate consulting, which can be a different specialty.  I found I could manage that one pretty well for less complicated districts.  But this is for the telecom/data RFP process itself.

Here's who we use, and we've had excellent experiences.  Maybe others use other providers?

Kristen Allen | Principal Owner | www.kehoe-allen.com

Post Office Box 4358 | Burlington, Vermont   05406-4358

(802) 863-3343 Direct | (802) 860-7276 Fax | (802) 233-5553 Cell

Craig Donnan
Network Administrator
Chittenden Central Supervisory Union
Essex High School
p. (802) 857-7000 x.1030

If you need immediate assistance please contact 

For Technology News click here.


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