Hi All,

We have two Macbook users (administrators) running RemoteApp through Microsoft Remote Desktop to access our windows-only applications.  Their desk configuration allows them to have two external screens connected -- one through DisplayPort, the other through HDMI.

I've run into this perplexing issue that crops up when the DisplayPort screen is plugged in.  If the screen is plugged in while they are trying to interact with one of the RemoteApps, the application does not register any clicks, and inconsistently registers keystrokes.  If we unplug that screen, everything goes back to normal.

I feel like I've tried it all -- different Macbooks, screens, dongles, settings, etc, with the same result.  The only workaround at the moment is to unplug the DisplayPort screen.

Has anyone ever seen this before?  What do you usually do for windows applications in an Apple/mix environment? 

Richard Adams
Technology Coordinator
Windham Northeast Supervisory Union
Rockingham / Westminster Town Schools

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