I've got a few examples of some student work with tools on a site I buyout quickly earlier this year for a faculty meeting at a couple schools:

I'm sure I could move some of this content to your space.


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I’m not sure if this will help you, but at SBHS we created a Digital Backpack of teacher-tested tools (with student examples when possible) built around the Transferable Skills. It seems as if there is a need to tie tools to some pedagogical need, and we selected the Transferable Skills.  The site is open for all VT Teachers and we are hoping against hope that more people will contribute classroom samples.  Check it out at



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Hi all,


I am planning to do a serious comparison and pro/con study of the myriad tools that are being used in my school. The way that things have been handled up till now means that I think there is some duplication and potentially some less-than-stellar tools being used in different classrooms, while some of the better ones are being overlooked. 


Does anyone have a format for pulling together the info and/or presenting it to faculty/admin that has worked well for you? This is a small scale project in reality - we're a K-8 school with only 5 classrooms, but we have a lot of devices and a lot freedom for teachers in what they do.




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