Fancy Answer: Zip Tie Labels like this:


Less-Fancy (Cheaper) Answer: White electrical tape wrapped around the cable and taped to itself to make a hand-made tag and an extra fine point Sharpie.


Please not this:  Sharpie directly on the cable.  It’s too hard to first find and then read...


I’ve found colors are challenging to identify in dimly lit areas (esp. if folks are a bit color blind) and color-coded cables are a pain because you have to have all the different colors for your color coding scheme on hand.  For a small installation that isn’t going to change... ever... color is great and looks nice, but in the real world... I always seemed to be out of stock the color I needed.


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Subject: Network Cable ID


Infrastructure folks (or those that have an opinion):


How, or do you, label your network cables?  Write on zip ties?  Color labels directly on cable?  Different color for different purpose?  Different color patch cables?


Trying to get a what works and what doesn't...I am wanting to label/ID at my schools so that if someone where to take a look at one, it would make sense at another location.


Thoughts?  Opinions?


Thanks, enjoy this Summer weather and see you Monday at Dynamic Landscapes 2017!





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