i know, don't tell me... you've seen it all before
won't you speak, t*ry sha're*... the reason for the fire
it's to be; it's to see, the beginning of it all
all the time in the world, ive got... to wallow in the mire

It's the <>*end
<> of the world <> as we
know it*
i got drunk on water turned to wine
till i was both fine and not fine
<> at the same time
that's great it starts with an earthquake

an arrest, and the fire of matthew 311 <>
then some birds, snakes, and *aeroplanes on 911*
here's *some* *411* for ya... the victims of the 3/11 quake
the simians, *gene simmons* and kismet <>

the *omega point* <> is the end of hell
the day we all look at each other and wonder <>
how the wages of an optometrist ever superseded
the sight of the blind, and the spiritually dead <>

light for the wise <>, wisdom is starting the
of *the m <>*essage that at the heart of jerusalem
with *the hand <>* of god, and the *touch of midas
shout, see how the way out... is mars <>

make atlantis rise <>, scream, shoat, roar
i will not go silently into that good night
i will rage with the machine
the rat and the cage, the light

reporters be baffled no more <>
to the church that has forsaken right before me
to the press that forgot to swear an oath <> to we
to the people that refuse to see heaven is night <>

*coming on the clouds* is the phrase
*worship his holy dick. <>*

*This is the solution to the mystery of Revelation 1:20, the stars are the
first 7 planets... and the lampstands 1:1 matching elements from Mercury to
The "mystery" serves as a entry point to seeing a clear and defined link
between science and religion, and also to seeing the words of scripture as
a kind of map, an outline that with thought and studying proves without
doubt that we are in Creation; in a virtual world.  It opens to door to
seeing a great many links between chapter and verse numbers and dates; and
we see clearly that the answer to this riddle comes to us from President George
"Burning Bush" during his inaugural address <> on
January 20, 2001; 1/20 matching 1:20.

The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand
<>, and the seven golden candlesticks. The seven
stars are the angels of the seven churches: and the seven candlesticks
which thou sawest are the seven churches.

Revelation 1:20

The words of God speaking through his mouth as the fire spoke to Moses, and
clearly setting us in the story of Exodus, slaves to hidden technology and
a pyramidal social structure whose only real "goal" is *doing this*,
delivering this message, and with it freedom.  Bush's words paraphrase a
combination of *Ecclesiastes 9:11 and Revelation 20:1* which serves as an
entry point into seeing that Exodus and the 9/11 attack are tied together,
and that nearly everything around us is part of a modern manifestation of
that story.   In Hebrew that book is called Names, and in reverse when
translated from "my native geek" *sudo
<> Xe
<>*, roughly translates to *let there
be light.  *Xenon here the element matching "Earth" and linking the gas
associate with bright lamps to Oracle Corporation, and the name of one of
their databases.  It is *light.*

[image: Inline image 1] <>

*Connecting the Burning Bush and Light* comes further proof of time travel
in the word for Holy Fire, which is *Ha'esh*, where you can clearly see the
parted sea of Moses in reverse, parted with an apostrophe.  Eventually it
becomes very clear that the story of the sea parting in Exodus was written
to highlight this particular word, and with it the proof that English was
foreknown at the time of the writing of the Old Testament; further proof of
Creation.   Out of this same verse, Ecc 9:11, comes not only the linear
listing of the planets from "the race is not to the swift' to *time and
chance <>* corresponding to Saturn and Uranus... but
also prescient reference to font type and style--to modern computing and a
connection to the "electronic voting booth" company Die Bold, which is
practically named in the verse.  This story of a burning pyramid and an
Exodus from slavery revolves here around a message from God suggesting that
we do a little bit better in evolving democracy with technology.

*It is very clearly being hidden from the world by the formerly "free"
press and the governments of today, in what is nothing short of a testament
to the influence of the technologies being disclosed on our ability to
freely communicate, showing us all what the slavery of Exodus is really
about.  The darkness of Exodus links to the story of the Firewall of
Jericho, and to a level of censorship here and now that I find to be
absolutely **unfathomable.  *In a testament to creation and to the will and
purpose of God, he has linked Exodus and the foundation of America, as well
as a number of historical events to this censorship problem--from Watergate
linking to the "gate" to Heaven all the way to Shakespeare.  In this free
book <>, I have attempted to give a high level
overview of this message and how it not only proves that these things are
true, but is the catalyst for making the world a better place, for
delivering us all from slavery.

 [image: Inline image 2] <>

Building on this proof that we are in virtual reality and connecting
"names" to Genesis, pulling out the element Silicon reveals a message that
discusses the possibilities opened up by this revelation that ties *Gene
Roddenberry's food replicator*s <> to Christ's Rod and
Adam's Den <>... and a singing and *dancing
<>* testament to just how much effort has gone in to
proving that a hidden influence on our minds is very real; and linking Gene
Simmons "*kiss" to Wild Thing and Gene Wilder and yours truly.*
<>  All around us we can see proof and signs in names,
ones that connect all of modern computing and video games to this message
from Heaven, about the fulfillment of a prophesy... *to build Heaven.  *It's
important to see though, how virtual reality and freedom tie together to
really be the foundation of that place, and how governmental structure and
freedom of speech, communication and thought... are being highlighted
strongly as something we must see are already a problem here, an experience
to teach us what freedom truly means.

[image: Inline image 3] <>[image: Inline
image 4] <>

The singing and dancing continues, and *Matchbox 20* serves as a sort of
way point between Holy Fire and Heaven that describes that there truly is a
bittersweet symphony of ... lack of freedom ... ringing in the air; all to
ensure we never lose knowledge of these technologies and their possible
influence ever again.  If you care at all for freedom, or for Heaven; share
this message with everyone you know.  It's been over a year now, waiting
for the most Earth shaking information I have ever seen to have any impact
at all on *anything;* call your local television station or newspaper..
it's *time to begin.*

There is absolutely no doubt at all what this is .... it's a promise, like
in Genesis; *Heaven is near.*

* <>*

[image: Inline image 5] <>
*As it is written on our sky; in the years to come.. more than meets the
eye. From Herod to Roddenberry, and Shakespeare to I.J. Good.*

*Adam M. Dobrin *<[log in to unmask]> Thu, Feb 23, 2017 at 8:04 AM

To: [log in to unmask]
Bcc: [log in to unmask]
Behold, the race is not to the swift... nor the battle to the strong.

Pattern matching is the cradle of intelligence.  Truly sorry to have
e-mailed so much lately: try connecting it to a pattern of children
starving each and every day that we delay.  I will not let humanity go
silently into the night; understand, these e-mails are arrows of love.

While this may look like nothing more than a series of Names, Numbers, and
Words... I will remind you that those are the actual names of the second,
fourth, and fifth books of the Torah.  This is proof of Creation and
Purpose--in every name and everything.  Heaven awaits us on just the other
side of this wall of censorship called Jericho in the Holy Bible.  You may
recall it is a number of people holding torches of holy fire that brings
down that wall and allows our people to enter the Promised Land.  Pickup
this torch, and you will shine.  My name is Adam
<>, and I *am the Last.*

*Nintendo*: Nine Inch Nails, TEN, and does it take Osiris to remind you
that in old Roman style, O-D is K... I mean El-even.  Tying SEGA's *Genesis*
 to *SON*-Y; *Sam*sung to the bird whose "spoken" song breaks the
morning... in these words that follow find the difference between Heaven
and Hell.  9, 10, 11... by ...

*Irving John* ("*I. J.*"; "*Jack*") *Good* (9 December 1916 – 5 April
2009)[1] <>[2]
<> was a
British mathematician who worked as a cryptologist
<> at Bletchley Park
<> with Alan Turing
<>. After World War II, Good
continued to work with Turing on the design of computers and Bayesian
statistics <> at the
of Manchester <>.
Good moved to the United States where he was professor at Virginia Tech

He was born *Isadore Jacob Gudak* to a Polish Jewish
<> family in London. He later
anglicised his name to Irving John Good and signed his publications "*I. J.

Listen to Bread and Cake <>; watch the Fifth Element
and see Shakespeare.  Heaven is forming, it's coming this year. Finding the
Link <> between Si-ght of the 14th Element and AMD in
the name of Genesis all the way to the Oracular light of another element in
Exodus and its tie to the "root of David" is the beginning of being set

It doesn't take much introspection to breathe new life into the
#juxtaposition written into the early stories of Genesis.  Between Adam's
self-tending Garden of Eden and the fabled story of Cain and Abel... living
metaphors for a battle between city life and agriculture... or perhaps
Heaven and Earth.  It's plain to see either way, whether it be about food
production or an external source of power; that were the dependent sibling
to murder the other we would be looking squarely at a fratricide-suicide,
and one that could be the end of all life... everywhere.

Truly woven throughout religion, this story about just exactly how we
should go about ending world hunger in this magical day of the Second
Coming continues upward and onward to many more stories, Biblical and not.
At Joshua's Flowing Land of Milk and Honey--the Promised Land--we see a not
so hidden correlation between a Golden Cow and the foot of Sinai and the
fabled Maccabees hammering away at the opposition to our light.  Take note
of how this flowing metaphor might link to Willy Wonka's Chocolate River
and Veruka Salt's "daddy, I want it now."  Again, there's some Heavenly
caution put to throwing the ideas of a stable ecosystem and biological
reproduction to the wind as that promised land of Heaven and immortality
and our Gene Wilder dreams come true.  I stand here to remind you, though,
that we will end world hunger; with the snap of my fingers.

Past the Promised Land, and seeing here and now just how obvious it is that
the miracles of Jesus Christ in the NT are a microcosm for what you and
yours should be thinking about being able to do... in the light of a
Revelation that we might just be living in a video game about saving
civilization.  So do me a favor and carry this thought forward, this idea
of "flowing milk and honey" to an answer coming to us from the Religion of
the Stars... "replicators" either from Star Trek or Star Gate.  Realize
here, that we've been given a road map to follow, a very Holy plan, one one
side is a cliff of unholy immorality in allowing the children to starve...
and on the other--not so for away--a thing called "bullshit," giving too
much in the beginning and winding up with weapons in every kitchen in the
end.  There's plenty more light coming from these "stars," light me up, and
I will explain why.

In everything from Firestone and Michelin <> to Lord
and Taylor, this message is not just on TV <>.  It's not
just in the hallowed words of ancient scripture... but rather, in
everything we see.   Perhaps seeing the i within the e in medicine
<> or the endless patterns in Tomorrowland's
names <> will light our direction more clearly...
perhaps it's seeing South at the end of Gene Simmons and Adam's c
<>orrection to Atlantis by North
<> East... just from seeing "sim" on Monday; and I
assure you.

It's a guide, ending world hunger, to seeing how difficult it must be, to
realize that even Jesus Christ was chastised for only giving bread to the
hungry.  *Let them eat Cake instead* "Mary" Antoinette then exclaimed; and
the sound of Christianity echoed from "we give thanks to God for bread" to
the Guitar Man, and ... *Going the Distance.* <>  On TV
you might recall an old Fig Newton commercial linking this light all the
way to Eden's Fig leaf and to me.  It's that little "n" at the end of Isaac
Newton's 'whomever goes up must come down' pictorially described by the
secret letter that contains initials the abound from A.D. to Adonai, to
Adonis and.. yet another Advent.  So it's in *NORAD* and tracking Santa
from Sinbad's ship all the way to seeing that Silicon too... is fabled 5th
element decompressed from 14.  To Boron or Beryllium?
<>  *RattleRod* continues.. remember to connect
Shakespeare and Genesis with Gene Rodenberry ... an Iron Rod
<> ... and ending world hunger forever and ever.

It is very hard to link Phillip K. Dick to me.. without exclaiming how
important ending censorship is to the fundamental basis of what Heaven
really means.  I haven't placed this brick in the wall myself, and if you
do your research you will see why it relates to censorship and ... breaking
down a wall of darkness. So I bring Mr. Neterson <> to
talk about how the wall of Jericho is related to CARNIVORE, and a packet
sniffing firewall that's gone... well, it's a censor wall.  To those of "IT
origin" we'll soon find out, calling a firewall a meat eater is a sign in
and of itself.  This firewall though, continues to our minds, and in it we
find some kind of aversion to Isaiah 20 and Genesis 3:11, *the key verse
that ties 3/11/11 to Matthew 3:11* and ... a day that approaches so soon.
A focus on liberty and technology, one that brings us from the darkness of
Die Bold <> to the light of a new day,
the Burning Bush of Exodus begins the story of a sea about to part over the
visage of me.  Isaiah 52:13-14 be damned <>, some will
never understand what it means to say "my servant will be set up and be
very high," about the ... uh ... God Most High.

So I will tell you to seek Isaac's firewood <>, and tie
it up with Woodward and Burnstein's Watergate... and once again check the
*free* press for the flood of Noah's failure.  I could bring in Daniel's
Royal Tent between the two seas <>... from Eden's
family to Revelation's multitude and again remind you this blessing of
turning water to family <> is all about me.  That's
Daniel 11:45 coming true, hardly anyone seeing what's going on right before
our eyes.  Pharaoh is hardening his Heart; that's another IT term, do you
get "IT" yet?  It's about making a computer system more secure, to keep the
truth from being seen... light my fire, already, the *Burning Man* has
already ignited this "Revelation."

I don't bring up PKD for "no reason at all," in his combined works we have
a divine solution to so many problems it's unbelievable.  Between Minority
Report <> and A Scanner Darkly
<>, nothing short of a way to end murder,
abduction, and other heinous and ungodly things; while maintaining near
perfect (he says Total) privacy in a world where we certainly can see all
that goes on; already, understand. We might be near the end of the story
line of the Adjustment Bureau as we walk headstrong into a land where I
hope all will see that Marx was diametrically wrong, just as Die Bold and
PKD... to show us what not to do, and how to excel.  No longer the "opiate
of the masses," these hallowed words bring freedom and a caring Universe to
everyone, that's all.

Add to the mix, Dr. Who's Bells of St. John, some cute connections between
Jabba the Hutt, Padme, Hyrule and a "box that's bigger on the inside" and
we might have another source of both absolution and dreams to come ... from
the vantage point of seeing what it means for oil and land to not really be
scarce, in the world of the real... of Morpheus.

This Android does not dream of Electric Sheep, be sure.

[image:] <>  <>[image:] <> <>

Names, Elements, and Unix Commands

Religion, once called “the opiate of the masses” has a secret for you; like
Santa Claus we hope to rain down fancy new toys, truth, and newfound
liberty by exposing the influence of and existence of a number of hidden
advanced technologies.  The stories of Exodus and Genesis begin to provide
a road map to a shining bright future, explaining how these technologies
might and ought to be used in order to help advance our civilization,
rather than retard it.   Within the pages that follow, a Holy call to
rekindle the light of democracy by using computers and better communication
to bring to our world true democracy, to deliver the power of legislation
directly to each and every one of us.  Along with proof that religion is a
message sent through time, we are given ample reason to quickly implement
“pre-crime” and rework a justice system which has been compromised in much
the same way as many other facets of our government.  Intertwined with
these things, and seemingly more important is proof that we are living in
virtual reality--in a place where these technologies are here to teach us
the inner workings of “Heaven” and to help us see how this change in
worldview and truth gives us new hope and new abilities: to end world
hunger, to heal the sick, and to see what it is that “Heaven” really means.

In two languages, English and Hebrew, three of the first five books of the
Holy Bible translate roughly to the phrase “persons, places, and things;”
revealing a hidden language which proves beyond doubt that our civilization
is created with knowledge well past ours today.  The mechanism of writing
these ancient words proves as much, in light of the significant number of
references to modern events and concepts.   A significant number of words
in nearly every language on Earth contain this secret cypher which connects
the name of the city of Jerusalem to a question “Is J or the USA the
messiah?”  In this name we see prescient reference to the United States of
America, and similarly those initials and Eagle in the story of Prometheus
delivering fire to humanity.  This fire is a metaphor for many things,
sometimes language itself, in other instances a clear reference to
technology, and here finally we see that it is also a metaphor for freedom.

Not so far away, in Kentucky, reference to Clark Kent’s last name and
initials ask another question, “Adam why are you hidden?”  I hope to
conclusively answer these questions in this book, and ensure that we do not
lose the great gifts I am attempting to bring to the world.

Creation here is being explained hopefully with clarity, there are a number
of stories both Biblically linked and not which “come alive” in our world
showing the intent and desires of the Creator to help us through this
trying time of understanding and using the technology and knowledge that is
coming to us.  Here, I’ll explain a few, like Star-Trek, Minority Report,
the voting booth vendor Die Bold, and the Watergate Scandal.
In Hebrew Exodus means Names, read in reverse and translated from Unix

You are slaves wandering through the desert of Exodus, unfortunately we
apparently are moving backwards through this maze and as a whole we are
headed from hidden slavery to something far worse.  There are a number of
clues that we are in fact backwards right now, from the name of the book
read in reverse revealing the most important words God ever spoke, to the
word for Holy Fire … describing the Burning Bush containing the English
word for “sea” parted and backwards.   If you are unfamiliar with the
story, the word of God came through a fiery bush to Moses, who then later
in the story parted a sea to free the people; you should start to shift
your thinking and begin to see that this story is about us, the sea parting
is about controversy over this disclosure, and that the entirety of the
story is designed to unveil a hidden secret: that much of ancient religion
and language is designed to prove that time travel exists.  It does this
very clearly, through anachronism, English appearing out of place in more
places than are imaginable.

What is the meaning of the root of a Jesse?

Depictions of the Jesse Tree are based on a passage from the Book of
Isaiah. "And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a
Branch shall grow out of his roots" (King James Version). From the Latin
Vulgate Bible used in the Middle Ages: ... Thus Jesus is the Virga Jesse or
"stem of Jesse".

This is a reference to the Unix “God account,” one of many references in
ancient scripture to modern technology and computing.  It is not an
accident, it is designed to open our eyes and see that there is a
foundational relationship between Heaven and virtual reality; and that this
was clearly known when these words of scripture were written.

sudo (/ˈsuːduː/ or /ˈsuːdoʊ/) is a program for Unix-like computer operating
systems that allows users to run programs with the security privileges of
another user, by default the superuser. It originally stood for "superuser
do" as the older versions ofsudo were designed to run commands only as the

Connecting the idea of the “Administrator account” to God, this command
then, when translated to “English” is my equivalent of “God says” or “as
God say” and does a decent job of connecting the ideas and concepts of
religion to computer science; also showing that not only were they known
but clearly the influence behind religion is also centrally involved in the
divine disclosure of these technologies, from Unix to databases, to the
names of people like Bill Gates and Windows, Steve Jobs and Adam’s Apple.

A significant key to the Revelation of Christ ties the words of Revelation
1:20 to Ecclesiastes 9:11; exposing a link between “the stars” as planets
of our solar system and corresponding elements of our periodic table… from
Mercury to Uranium.   This link to Xenon was the very first element that I
“found” through this inspirational experience; and it serves to tie the
name of an Oracle database (and also the idea of an oracle presenting the
truth to you) to an element primarily used for flashbulbs and “ark” lamps.
In unison I see these things as a decent metaphor for “light” and so, sudo
xe completes the phrase “God: see the light.”

The Book of Exodus is called “Names” in Hebrew, and it opens the doorway to
seeing that God has altered or conjured the names of a great many people in
our history.  Specifically this very example points out that this same
“Burning Bush” which shows foreknowledge of English through the parting of
the word “sea” also connects prediction of the 9/11 attack by the key
verses of Ecclesiastes 9:11 and Revelation 20:1 being spoken during Bush’s
inaugural address; on January 20, 2001.  This connection between the dates
of the speech and attack as well as these two verses and the riddling verse
answered by them create a pattern, one that is clearly not coincidence.
Don’t let the connection between Bush’s name and the fabled Burning Bush be
lost on you either, it is very much intentional.

It is clear to me that the words “Creation” and these theatrical and
predicted events are designed to deliver more than proof of “time travel”
and a mechanism of control over the events of our day--although they do
both of those things also.  Here, in Exodus, a great focus is put on
understanding technology and how our government has failed to properly
assimilate what we have here, as well as disclosing the (should be) “well
known” influence of more advanced technologies whose disclosure are clearly
the purpose and intent of God and religion.   A good deal of time has been
spent explaining how surveillance technologies and a number of other clear
and obvious violations of the Constitution of the United States of America
do the people absolutely no good because they are being used in secret, and
it should be clear that we are in dire need of a Constitutional Amendment
to help us properly use these new technologies for the good of society.
Aside from surveillance, voting technology is specifically highlighted; and
in theatrical performance the entire company and debacle related to the Die
Bold voting booths is “predicted” in Ecclesiastes 9:11 in order to point
out that our elections are completely worthless, and we are on a trajectory
to a more worthless scenario as we fail to integrate the internet and any
communication inventions since the Pony Express; and also have nearly no
desire to have a properly recorded and verifiable vote.  Burn, America.  I
mean, see the light of the flame.


This is the name of my last two books, and highlights how Ecclesiastes 9:11
connects the two verses “the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the
strong” to indicate a connection not only to elections through the word
“race,” but also to this specific company, this hidden language, and modern
computing font face and styles.  In typewriter or HTML “lingo” the words
strong and bold are equivalent, and the German word for “the” happens to be

This is described in more detail later, and is a primary drive of not only
my message but my existence.  I have sent this explanation along with an
urging to try and quicken our obviously natural progression from
“representative democracy” (now shit) to “true democracy;” by “sprinkling
many nations” as Isaiah 52:15 predicts the Messiah will do.  It’s been sent
to hundreds of thousands of elected and appointed representatives, to
scholars, to theologians, and to a big slice of random people on the
internet.  It should be clear as day that this is the fulfillment of these
ancient scriptures, right before your eyes; and for some reason nobody
seems to be taking an interest.

Chalk that up not to just stupidity, but also to the influence of an
outside force designed to … hopefully show us just how debilitating these
technologies can be for civilization and society when kept in secret… and
then allow us to actually act normally and recover.  Try to understand,
right now, it’s nearly impossible for me to describe us as anything but
mindless robots, the Zombie Apocalypse has come true.
God’s “genes” shining throughout Genesis

Following in the pattern of “chemistry elements” being fundamental to this
Revelation, taking the symbol for Silicon out of Genesis (where it appears
at the end, backwards) leaves us with “Genes.”  This Silicon element is
fundamental to the story of me, marking American Micro Devices with my
initials, as well as the index of the element which is 14.  I have some
pretty pictures later that show how “the Fifth Element” might be about the
kiss you are just about to read about, and how this movie reminds me of the
Shakespearean question “to be or not to be” because the actual 5th and 4th
elements are “B” and “Be.”   The content of that movie also, about a secret
weapon designed to defeat darkness, by shooting light from the mouth. is
clearly part of this grand design.

Throughout history God has highlighted or tagged a hidden story hidden
within people’s names.  Herod, Emperor at the time of Christ’s birth,
begins a series of “rod” links that connect today to Gene Roddenberry and
Rodney King; sources of my solutions and reasons for easy ways to end world
hunger and needless murder: food replicators and pre-crime.  These “rod”
connections describe very much how I feel, like a lightning rod for this
information that seems to be striking Johnny 5 in Short Circuit and maybe
the same quickening in Highlander.  It is a testament to God’s description
that he is made up of people rather than DNA, and these are the stories he
is sharing with us today.   Shakespeare for instance, I often re-phrases as
“RattleRod” and liken this proof that there is a divine influence
throughout our history to shaking a rod, perhaps the Iron Rod of Jesus
Christ or the magical one wielded by Aaron in Exodus… these two huge parts
of a revelation discussed later in this book about “Doors” to Heaven; and
here they act in almost the same manner… doorways to making this world a
better place.

Who's gonna steal the show?

You know

Baby, it's the guitar man

Then you listen to the music and you'd like to sing along

And you want to get the meaning out of each and every song

And you find yourself a message and some words to call your own

And take 'em home

Guitar Man, Bread

The Gene’s continue from Roddenberry to Wilder, where we see another
connection to ending world hunger and a cinematic rendition of Joshua
Promised Land of “flowing milk and honey” this time with chocolate rivers
and and direct tie to the song Wild Thing, beginning a pattern of showing
how the Hammer of Thor “to help the light” is God on the radio in
everything from Bread’s Guitar Man to Cake’s Going the Distance; and seeing
that this story is truly making God’s heart (which is our Earth) sing for
joy.  Willy Wonka contains a few easy references to this hidden language,
in just the title “will why won Ka” which is a reference to the body of
Christ in Egyptian mythology and then same thing referenced in “Veruka
Salt” which reads “to see you are the Ka” and then references the “Salt of
the Earth” that connects to my ex-wife’s name (Nanna, don’t turn around
yet… which is a reference to the story of Lot) and the name Napoleon who
really does shine when it’s in the context of this proof snowballing out of
control and really bringing equality to all humanity.  That, of course, is
a reference to George Orwell’s Animal Farm, which highlights the Hebrew
word for “shining light” as Or.  Some more Or references come from
“Hallowed are the Ori” from Stargate (which translates pretty clearly as a
hidden reference to the Illuminati) and New Orleans, which says “new light
is the answer.”

More than just names, take “daddy I want it now” from this as a
chastisement of yours truly, really wanting us to get out of Hell
yesterday, for the last three hundred or so yesterdays.

The final Gene I pulled out of thin air (statically charged I imagine) is
Simmons, the lead singer of Kiss; whose band name (like Bread and Cake)
narrates a significant part of my story of Eden, a vain attempt to get
Taylor Michel Momsen to wake up and tell the world she knows who I am, and
thinks we should too.  There’s a bit of that story later in this book,
explaining some of it now… I see her name every time I walk into a mall
right next to “Lord” and her middle name in the tires of the bus … or car …
or train … that surround this spiritual journey to Heaven with signs
everywhere we look.  Michelin, like my last name and the Holiest
commandment of all “IN THE BEGINNING” about God trying to get us all in,
right this very moment.  These companies don’t just highlight her name, but
a pervasive pattern of clusters of names that seem to all prove that God is
definitely writing a story in our world, “on the sky” if you will.   Next
to Lord and Taylor you can see Jesus Christ’s two cents in JC Penney and
the letter after J (which is mine) Kmart.  That K comes up in some other
places like Men in Black, Kislev (K is the victory, a month of the Jewish
calendar) and Kismet… which ties back to Taylor once again.

In the tires, we see firestone and bridgestone which link back to my secret
language by explaining that the stones of Dave Matthew’s song (about the
Apocalypse… the messiah… and specifically me) and the battle between Medusa
(hey USA) and … me … turned me into “Saint One,” since nobody seems to want
to help.  Thanks guys, I needed that.  Add in Goodyear (probably about last
year’s emailing campaign to the Universe) and Goodrich (hope, please hope
for me) about my fate… and then the whole “start the car and take me home”
which are The Pretty Reckless lyrics from “Just Tonight” which surface
Taylor’s understanding of apocalyptic music in “What if God was one of us,
just a stranger on the bus” and Little Boy Blue’s borrow the car keys to …
see that in both DMB’s Rapunzel and the Doors Riders on the Storm all the
way to Guns n’s Roses Paradise City pervading rock and roll is a story
about this spiritual journey and someone needing to pick me up for the
ride, so I can give directions.

I hope it’s not that difficult to see, these patterns and specific groups
are not coincidences, they are the actual “speech” of the Creator; along
with proof of Creation.  It takes some time, perhaps, to adjust to the
change in understanding; but if you look, they are everywhere.

Back to Earth, Kismet links to another TPR song, where Taylor so eloquently
says “now I see that you and me, were never meant, never meant to be” a
reference I doubt she knew was to the Hebrew word for fate.  Still ill
fated, she won’t speak to me and the “kis” of fate is still missing an “s”
that I once thought was “sight” and now have gone back to the old adage of
“keep it simple” and it’s shifted from that word to “stupid” and then
“silence” or “screaming” and now all the way to “sedition” and “suck it.”
  Oops. did I say that out loud?

You can see that “s” at the end of Simmons’ name, and it gives “Thursday”
it’s meaning; the beginning of a sort of puzzle game to fill in the blanks
that ultimately derives the “ah” of Menorah (mostly from that word) as well
as Adamah, Shekinah, Leah, and a number of other “marriage of the Lamb”
archetypes as “all humanity.”  Taylor’s little “s” is not really important,
not important… at all.

Still, good proof that this story about a “kiss” fated to … either be or
not be, ties to not only the creation of Gene Simmons’ band but also the
ancient Hebrew word; pointing out for everyone that the “Sim” in Simmons
name is about highlighting that this is a simulated reality; and the Monday
we all find that out is the Eighth day of Creation and the real first day
of Ha-nuke-the-ahah?

Lots and lots of songs are actually about me, not the least of which Carly
Simon’s (hey Sim again) “You’re So Vain” which happens to also mention
the Total
Eclipse of the Son… that you are now witnessing.  It also talks about
having “one eye in the mirror” which is a reference to Narcissus who died
looking in the mirror because Taylor Momsen wouldn’t say hello.  Here’s
Taylor on whether or not she wants to say hi:

Now I see that you and me were never meant

Lost between Elvis and suicide, if Jesus Christ and rock’n roll…

The Pretty Reckless,  Nothing Left to Lose

Taylor’s got quite the interesting story to go with this, at a very young
age she said “the the” in one of God’s other stories about the Second
Coming, How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  As “Little Cindy Who” you might
have expected her to say “who?” when asked about me, but you can be very
sure Taylor knows exactly who I am.  How, how dear?  All part of the plan
of the creation of Eve, I imagine.

Her performance in that movie, as well as Dr. Seuss’s “Who’s” tie to Dr. Who
and my explanation that the ineffable name of God, a Jewish “secret”
abbreviated as YHVH is actually “Ya-who-ah,” contrary to the popular
spelling of “Yahweh.”  This is obvious as day from the connection to the
Egyptian God Yahu, the company Yahoo, and the American War cry, “who-ah”
that Al Pacino and Denzel Washington made famous.  I can assure you, they
too know exactly who I am.

The “who?” thing just isn’t going to work.  In a rather interesting twist,
that Holy tetragrammaton unwinds in a recursive reading to “I am he who is
self existent.”  Also interesting is the Hebrew name for Jesus, which is
Yeshua, and like God’s name you might read as “Yes, who ah?”  The punchline
here, of course, is that in Hebrew the planet Earth is called “Adamah” and
you can be very, very sure that you are reading the words of the Last
Adam (which
of course is another name for Jesus).

Don’t let me sidetrack you with my lack of a love life, a better and more
interesting explanation of the Genes of Genesis is to come shortly, and
make no mistake… this entire thing is designed to help us overcome the
delusion of “reality” by showing us with clear proof that we are in a simulated
reality and that Jesus Christ, and pretty much each and every one of you
would end world hunger instantly if you knew just how easy it was to do.

Connecting to this brief part about names of God, I will briefly mention
the Hebrew for “Lord” which is Adonai, and the Carly Simon related Adonis,
both “Adam Dobrin on…” either Artificial Intelligence (and it’s link to
building Heaven) or “I’m Single” and it’s link to … building Heaven.  In
names of Gods we also see Neptune and it’s relation to this particular
chapter and the words “nepotism” and rock n’ roll.  There are hundreds and
hundreds more examples of similar references to modern computing concepts
like “Ai” and Lisp and “root” riddled all throughout ancient religion.
It’s a sign.

I could probably write a whole book on the hidden meanings of songs, and
maybe one day I will.

Elementally speaking, the word “Sinbad” is made up of the “true” fifth
element, and then the “true” fifth letter (Si and n, respectively) …
pointing out for later that NORAD is probably not wondering anymore the
answer to the question.  Taylor’s also got a song where she, speaking for
Jesus like she usually does, says “I’ve been told, I redefine sin.”

Kiss me, t?  Or don’t; frankly it’s pretty clear that this whole thing was
designed to find a heroine to help bring this message to the world, and I
don’t see her anywhere at all.  Wonderful job you did, Taylor, of showing
the world just what not to do when you are confronted with a “problem” with
free will and predestination.  Understandably, those things are sometimes
not good, but when it is “saving the world” you are designed for; it’s
probably not the right decision to balk.

From John Hancock to Philip K. Dick by way of Richard Nixon and Deepthroat

It should be very clear the emphasis that God and I are placing on free
speech and open communication; also clear that this problem of secrecy and
censorship is possibly civilization destroying in a place where it is
hiding something as big as the nature of our existence, that we are not in
reality.   Perhaps on a less important day we would overlook a little bit
of censorship, and that’s the problem; we really need to see that this is
the baseline between life and death… all the time.

There is a significant thread in religion that begins with my namesake in
Eden all the way to the messianic words of the book of Isaiah; one that
continues out of scripture into the parallel myths of Osiris in Egypt and
Saturn in Greece.  It’s a significance, that ties not only to events in my
life that appear to have given the “mass media” what they believe is a
valid reason to ignore the unsealing of religion--it is nothing more than a
sad facade, and they are acting as agents of evil in this world.

"Look, he is coming with the clouds," and "every eye will see him, even
those who pierced him"; and all peoples on earth "will mourn because of
him." So shall it be! Amen.

Revelation 1:7

The Creator of the Universe is fighting this kind of idiocy, censorship and
secrecy regarding issues of vast importance--starvation and
torture--because of insignificant details with a signature that he has
placed all over our entire history… beginning with these religious myths
and ending with me.  His signature provides a significant amount of further
proof that this world is designed, and that we should be listening to the
message that he has written throughout history, and I am putting the
“finishing touches” on here.

On the map you can see it in the Eiffel Tower and in the Washington
Monument, in the Statue of David and the Statue of Liberty.

At the foundation of America his John Hancock seems rather large, tying the
phallic assurance I have directly to the foundation of liberty, of freedom
of speech, and it makes clear to me that above all other things our ability
to freely communicate and share ideas flies high.  It takes not a second of
thought to link the story of Isaac in Genesis, one which is a clear
parallel to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, to the story of Tricky Dick …
through the names Woodward and Burstein, linking directly to the Biblical
wood altar and the fire that gives that story its connection to our modern
Burning Man Festival.  All over history, this story’s flames shine bright
light on the need to understand how the media has the power to change the
world here and now, and for reasons unknown are refusing to do … their
jobs, performing their hallowed duty of providing unbiased truth to the

See clearly the connection to the media, and see that God might think
“Deepthroat” is a funny touch on our modern story of unAmerican and
unChristian values like censorship and hiding the truth doing nothing more
than prolonging the delusion, death, and destruction that the belief that
we are in “reality” creates.  Isaac’s name means “he laughs” or “he will
laugh” and I can promise you that I am not laughing, it’s amazing to me
that people are having a hard time to see how much more disgusting
censorship is than ... a weapon designed by God to stop it forever.

See it clearly now, this single “event” and this information are quite
literally the gateway to Heaven, tagged in this story by the Watergate
Hotel and it’s relationship to John 10:9

I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. They will come in
and go out, and find pasture.

The Silence that the media, the American government, and Taylor are shining
examples of are a breakdown of civilization, those things high on a burning
altar today.   It is a decidedly inhuman desire to attempt to keep a secret
of this magnitude, and en masse it shows that there is without doubt an
overt alien influence over our society… one which the Creator has done a
fairly decent job of describing in Dr. Who’s spectacle of the same name.
In that show, part of his divine theater, actual aliens are invisible and
attempting to destroy humanity… in truth the problem is much more
nefarious, this alien force is in our minds--literally--changing our
thoughts in the same way that these stories and names have been created;
overtly, to help us to understand that this influence is very real.

It does not take a genius to see that religion has been documenting this
influence for thousands of years, under the “guise” of divine inspiration
and demonic possession… understand that our lack of belief in these ideas
is yet another sad symptom, an effect of the very same technology.  The
light I am presenting, the unsealing and purpose of religion and language,
all the way down to each and every one of our names are here as a weapon
against this darkness; so that we will see the influence is very real, and
we will be able to overcome it.

Do not remain silent, among other things, it is the spread of this
information; and the increased awareness that it brings that is a vital
weapon against this ungodly intrusion of our thoughts, the sanctity of our
minds.  While you may think this is “just one thing” it is the most
anticipated story in all of history, and on top of that is coming bundled
with the kind of proof that should very easily spread like wildfire… hence,
the fire of Creation is the Eternal Flame....shining forth from this sad
moment in our history to light the entire Universe and our future with true
freedom and understanding of what it takes to remain free in a world where
technology like this exists.

You must act to help spread this information, not so hidden in all of these
cute stories is not only a plan for Salvation but also clear proof and
example of the ways in which this technology might be used to harm us.  I
hope you can see how clear it is that society itself is failing when the
“free press” fail in total to report on something this important.  I hope
you can see that each and every one of us needs to stand up for the
truth.  This,
right here, is the line between Heaven and Hell, if we do not overcome our
inability to even begin to discuss this information in a public forum, we
will never escape this prison of simulated reality.

These are not cute tricks, nor is it magic--it is every word and every
name… and it is with Holy purpose.  It is to see our world set free.

I indeed baptize you with water ((and)) with
the Holy Ghost, and with fire.

Matthew 3:11 & ((ish))

You should probably contact me, before you and the rest of the world lose
the light that I have to offer. If something in the introduction turns you
off, that’s your problem. I suggest you turn the page whenever that
happens. This event will never happen again. This is the Second Coming.

There is so much bright light gracing these pages that it should show you
very clearly just how blind the world is. That is my intent, to show
everyone that we are living in a land clouded in Darkness; and the purpose
of religion is to see us through it. Try very hard not to think that I am
*only* clever, the connections that I am trying so hard to bring forward
are not a trick, they are the intent of the movies and music that clearly
link to the Bible. Our world is a manifestation of religion, *see the Hand
of God in everything.* I do, now.

Through idioms, music, and movies God reveals his influence over the course
of history and our culture. With the rituals and names of religion he
highlights true precognition of the events of today and foreknowledge of
the development of language thousands of years before the advent of
English. With the story of Exodus he shows us his intent: to lead us from
the Darkness.

With the Second Coming, he changes the world forever.
The Revelation of Adam

The Holy Bible is a prophesy whose details predictively chronicle the *second
coming* of Christ. It was once a map to the future, but it has become our
present. Specifically the story of the Exodus and the Gospels of Christ are
abstract representations of the post 9/11 world, and my life.
<,_the_burning_bush.html> These stories are filled
with vibrant allusions to modern persons, places and ideas.

For instance, George W. Bush is represented by the Burning Bush, a
reference to his inaugural address which is the focal point of proving the
existence of time travel <,_the_burning_bush.html>;
and a microcosmic look at the “Biblical” relationship between God and
humanity. Like the Bush, the Horn of Revelation describes a situation in
which we are all unknowingly the “voice of God.” The name Exodus
refers to Oracle
Corporation, our periodic table, and Linux… this is *real light*.
<,_the_burning_bush.html#LIGHT> It shows not only that
the Bible was written about this time period, these few years, but also
that this unsealing is *meant to be done right now*. It refers to modern
technology, science, and our culture.

This is *not* *The Encl. <>* It’s the beginning.