Democrats Sabotage Single Payer Bill in 

Activists call Speaker Rendon's decision "unconscionable"

By <>Michael Sainato  06/26/17

Health care activists hold signs in support of 
SB562 on June 21 in San Francisco. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Led by National Nurses United, progressives in 
California have been pushing SB562, a bill that 
would create a 
Medicare for all health care system in the state. 
On June 23, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon shut 
down the bill despite Democrats holding the State 
House, Senate and governorship, providing the 
opportunity for 
to easily pass the bill. The Los Angeles Times 
"Rendon announced late Friday afternoon that the 
bill, Senate Bill 562 by state Sens. Ricardo Lara 
(D-Bell Gardens) and Toni Atkins (D-San Diego), 
would not advance to a policy hearing in his 
house, making it all but certain the measure will not be acted upon this year."

Rendon, in a brief statement, called the bill 
"wholly incomplete." Hours before, according to a 
statement from CNA/National Nurses United 
co-President Deborah Burger, the California 
Nurses Association "submitted an additional set 
of proposed amendments in advance of the first 
Assembly hearing to begin the 'completion' of the 
bill Speaker Rendon had said was missing, a clear 
sign that his decision was not only 
unconscionable but also disingenuous in even the 
reasons he cited for freezing the bill."

However, given his ties to the health insurance 
and pharmaceutical industries, it's not 
surprising that Speaker Rendon shut down the 
bill. In an election 
by fraudulent votes, his senior adviser, 
Bauman, was recently elected by party insiders to 
chair the California Democratic Party Chair. 
Bauman received 
$100,000 in 2016 lobbying for the pharmaceutical 
industry against Prop 61, which would have capped 
prescription drug prices in California.

In 2015, the Sacramento Bee reported that Rendon 
over $36,000 from drug makers. In April 2017, 
IBTimes reported that House Speaker Anthony 
Rendon, Senate President Kevin De Leon and Gov. 
Jerry Brown -- all Democrats -- have received a 
$370,000 from groups opposing single-payer health 
care legislation. Since 2010, these lawmakers 
have received 
million in campaign donations from the health 
insurance industry. While California voters and 
progressive groups demand single-payer health 
care in the state, the 
establishment in California has been bought and 
paid for by the pharmaceutical and health care 
industries to prevent it from becoming a reality.

"At a time when the United States is the only 
major country on earth not to guarantee health 
care for all, and when tens of millions of 
Americans are uninsured or underinsured because 
of outrageously high costs, California has the 
opportunity to lead this nation in a very 
different health care direction," Sen. Bernie 
in response to Speaker Rendon's decision to pull 
the plug on the bill. "If the great state of 
California has the courage to take on the greed 
of the insurance companies and the drug 
companies, the rest of the country will follow."

five people in California die due to lack of 
health insurance. Several 
have shown that a majority of Americans support a 
Medicare for all health care system. That this 
bill was pulled -- despite being 
by the State Senate -- signals the extent 
corruption within the 
Party. In order to become a party that fights for 
the policies they market themselves with, the 
Democratic Party must purge itself of leaders 
that prioritize the interests of 
over voters.
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