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After Trump's Climate Withdrawal

White House climate protest Kids for a Clean Planet. June 1, 20

  By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular 
Resistance. President Donald Trump's decision to 
withdraw from the Paris climate agreement follows 
the path of previous presidents who have 
undermined international climate agreements. We 
disagree with Trump but it is important to 
understand his actions in the context of the 
history of the United States regarding previous 
climate agreements. Once again, the political 
problems in the US are bigger than Trump. His 
action brings greater clarity to the inability of 
the US government to confront the climate crisis 
and clarifies the tasks of people seeking smart 
climate policy. 

Economy Is Based On A Massive LIE That's Killing People

EconomyLieRedactedThumbnail (1)

  By Lee Camp for Redacted Tonight. If you've 
noticed lately that corporations have been 
pillaging our world's ever-dwindling natural 
resources as if they're a Vegas style buffet 
while placing a premium on food, shelter, and 
medicine, then congratulations! You've seen that 
our country's free-market capitalist system is 
reinforcing false scarcity--creating scarcity 
where there is none in order to make us pay more 
than we should for basic necessities. Advertising 
is a perfect example of how our economy 
reinforces your insecurities in order to make you 
buy and consume things you don't really need, all 
while making corporations even richer. But by way 
of technology, there is hope that some human 
beings still want to create systems where 
everyone can benefit instead of a select few. Lee 
Camp has this and more on the latest Redacted 

Cars Could Save Billions In Healthcare Costs


  By Stephen Edelstein for Green Car Reports. 
It's entirely obvious that internal-combustion 
cars pose a threat not only to the environment, 
but also to human health. Exhaust from gasoline 
and diesel cars contributes to air pollution that 
can lead to deleterious health effects after long 
exposure. Now a new study from the American Lung 
Association in California aims to quantify the 
health costs related to those exhaust emissions. 
It estimates that in 2015, the costs of 
internal-combustion cars on the health of 
residents in 10 selected states totaled $24 
billion. Researchers analyzed health costs in the 
10 "Zero-Emission Vehicle states" that have 
adopted California's stricter emissions limits. 
Besides California, these states are Connecticut, 
Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New 
York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont. 

Washington Post's Renewed Attack On Whistlblowers

Jake Waage; Edited: LW / TO

  By Melvin Goodman for Counter Punch - The 
Washington Post’s schizoid approach toward 
whistleblowers continues unabated. On the one 
hand, its news staff has effectively used 
authoritative leaks to expose the bizarre and 
possibly illegal contacts between senior members 
of the Trump administration and high-level 
Russian officials. On the other hand, its 
editorial writers maintain an ugly campaign 
against U.S. officials who have kept the Post and 
the New York Times aware of the dangerous antics 
of Donald Trump and his senior staff. Post oped 
writer Michael Gerson has provided the latest 
example of the paper’s criticism of those 
whistleblowers who allow investigative reporters 
to do their constitutionally-sanctioned job. 
First of all, some background on Gerson. In 
January 2002, President George W. Bush told 
Gerson, his chief speechwriter, that the U.S. 
public had to be prepared for war. Gerson 
immediately instructed David Frum to “provide a 
justification for war” by linking the 9/ 11 
attacks to Saddam Hussein. Gerson and Frum 
drafted the most memorable speech of the Bush 
presidency, the 2002 State of the Union address, 
which falsely linked North Korea, Iran, and Iraq 
in an “axis of evil” that threatened world 

Winning In The Fight Against Corporate Courts And Toxic Trade Deals

Screenshot 2017-06-03 at 2.00.01 PM

  By Staff of War On Want - In recent weeks two 
EU court rulings and a decision taken by Ecuador 
to scrap its investment treaties have dealt a 
heavy blow to secretly negotiated, corporate 
trade deals. The events have proved a major boost 
to social movements resisting these toxic deals 
in the UK and around the world, as part of a 
wider fight for trade justice and democracy. 
Growing opposition to 'corporate courts'. The 
decisions have severely dented the deeply 
undemocratic investor-state dispute settlement 
(ISDS) or ‘corporate court’ system, under 
which corporations can sue governments for lost 
future profits. Corporate courts are effectively 
taxpayer-funded risk insurance for corporations. 
Time and again countries around the world have 
been sued by corporations for lost future profits 
after taking action to ban nuclear power, 
safeguard the human right to water or stop 
harmful mining operations. In response, a broad 
opposition to corporate courts has built up 
across Southern countri es, civil society groups, 
among trade unions, academics, progressive 
political parties and UN independent experts. EU 
states must have a say. In the midst of election 
campaigning here in the UK, it’s been easy for 
these somewhat technical stories to pass under 
the radar. 

Mining In The Grand Canyon Continues Despite Resistance

Havasupai-Falls-Radioactive (1)

  By Vic Bishop for Waking Times - Sad but true, 
the dramatic opposition to the Dakota Access 
Pipeline on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation 
in North Dakota failed to achieve the result of 
stopping corporate and political powers from 
proceeding with the pipeline. Less than six 
months after the camp’s abandonment, the 
pipeline is functional and leaks are already 
being reported. Another, less publicized, 
struggle has been taking place for years around 
the area of the Grand Canyon, where indigenous 
rights and environmental activists have been 
seeking a ban on uranium mining in this part of 
America’s breathtaking landscape. Beginning in 
the 1950’s when a rush to draw uranium for the 
first generation of nuclear weapons brought 
mining operations to this region, opponents 
recently lost a bid to prohibit the mining and 
processing of radioactive materials near the 
iconic Grand Canyon. The environmental impact of 
uranium mining and processing is devastating, as 
radioactive contamination is common, affecting 
people as well as wildlife, springs, aquifers, 
and sacred sites. 

Was Taken From My Family And Jailed For 57 Days Because I Am Poor

web17-sc-debtors-lexington-detention-1160x768 (1)

  By Twanda Marshinda Brown for ACLU - “I 
don’t care if you have one, two, three, four, 
five, six, or seven kids.” This is what the 
judge told me when I tried to explain that I was 
a single mom with seven kids. I could not afford 
to pay $100 a month toward traffic tickets. The 
judge threatened me with jail. I was scared. This 
all started when I got two traffic tickets in 
March last year in Lexington County, South 
Carolina. I did something wrong. I drove without 
a tag light and on a suspended license. I wanted 
to go to court and make it right. But when I got 
there, the judge treated me like I was nothing. 
She sentenced me to pay more than $2400 for both 
tickets  more than the law aallowed, my 
attorneys told me. I did not have the money to 
pay that day, so the judge decided that I had to 
pay $100 each month. I knew I could not afford 
that. So, I explained that I could pay $50 each 
month. The judge wasn’t hearing it. She said, 
“I want my money on the twelfth.” She made 
clear that if I missed one payment, she would 
have a warrant out for my arrest. I did 
everything I could to pay my traffic fines. I 
made five payments in a row. But then I started 
missing payments when I could not pay the court 
and support my family at the same time. 

Hysteria Over Russia Requires 24/7 Upkeep

The Kremlin and Russian President Vladimir Putin: Did the Russi

  By Glen Ford for Black Agenda Report - Even at 
the height of the Cold War and the depths of 
McCarthyism, the U.S. corporate media was never 
even remotely as consumed with Russia as they 
are, today. The obsession with the Kremlin is a 
manufactured hysteria, a result of the panic that 
engulfed the U.S. ruling class -- and its media 
-- during last year’s election. What scared 
them witless, was the reaction of so-called 
“middle Americans” -- white conservatives 
that call themselves Christian and 
“patriotic”  to Donald Trump’s statements 
on lessening tensions with Moscow and getting the 
U.S. out of the regime change business. Trump’s 
supporters didn’t bat an eye. It soon became 
clear that Trump’s base was nowhere near as 
gung-ho for endless war and confrontation as the 
rulers, and most of the rest of us, had assumed. 
And, that was very bad news for the War Party, 
which had gathered together in Hillary 
Clinton’s big tent. Because, if Donald 
Trump’s “middle Americ ans”  or 
“deplorables,” as Hillary callled them -- 
could not be counted on to applaud every war that 
their rulers chose to launch, then where was the 
reliable constituency for war? If not Trump’s 
people -- who? 

Recipe For Corruption In The White House

White House senior advisers Jared Kushner (right) and Kellyanne

  By Matea Gold for Independent - The White House 
disclosed Wednesday evening that it has granted 
ethics waivers to 17 specific appointees who work 
for President Donald Trump and Vice President 
Mike Pence, including four former lobbyists. The 
waivers exempt the appointees from certain 
portions of ethics rules aimed at barring 
potential conflicts of interest. In letters 
posted on the White House website, the White 
House counsel's office wrote that the waivers 
were in the public interest because the 
administration had a need for the appointees' 
expertise on certain issues. Among the 
high-profile figures who received waivers: White 
House chief of staff Reince Priebus and senior 
adviser Kellyanne Conway, who were both permitted 
to engage with their former employer or clients. 
In addition, a blanket waiver was given to all 
executive office appointees to interact with news 
organisations  a move that gives senior 
strategist Stephen Bannon ppermission to 
communicate with Breitbart News, the conservative 
website he used to run. The waiver information - 
which was requested of all federal agencies by 
the Office of Government Ethics in April - 
provides a window into how far the Trump 
administration is willing to bend on its “drain 
the swamp” pledge. 

Tells Truth About Counterproductive War On Terror

Screenshot 2017-06-03 at 1.03.02 PM

  By Ben Norton and Max Blumenthal for AlterNet - 
This June 8, British voters will decide whether 
or not to continue with the conservative status 
quo, or take a chance on a new kind of left-wing 
politics that would represent a firm break with 
the orthodoxies of the ruling Conservative Party 
and the Labour Party’s establishment wing. 
Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party’s intrepid new 
socialist leader, has pledged to drastically 
change his society. His party’s leftist 
manifesto calls for more funding for the 
socialized health care system, nationalizing the 
country’s tattered railways and putting a stop 
to massive cuts in social spending. Yet Corbyn 
has also taken a step further than others in his 
party have dared, pledging to do what to many 
progressives remains a shibboleth: oppose war and 
imperialism and limit the violent blowback they 
have caused back home. The liberal political 
establishment in the U.S. and across Western 
Europe has uncritically supported wars from Iraq, 
to Libya , to the push for regime change in 
Syria, often in the name of humanitarianism and 
“civilian protection.” While many 
progressives have portrayed the so-called War on 
Terror as an unfortunate but necessary evil... 

This Trumped Up World

Screenshot 2017-06-03 at 12.48.35 PM

  By David Swanson for Let's Try Democracy - 
Making Jeremy Corbyn the Prime Minister of the 
U.K. would do more for the world and everyone in 
it than either of the two available outcomes of 
any recent U.S. election could have done. Here in 
the U.S. I always protest that I am not against 
elections, I think we should have one some day. 
Well, now we have one  only it’s across the 
pond. Corbyn’s record is no secret, and you 
don’t need me to tell you, but I have met him 
and spoken at events with him, and can assure you 
he’s legitimate. He’s been a dedicated leader 
of the peace movement right through his career. 
He had the decency last week to point out yet 
again that invading and bombing countries and 
overthrowing governments produces terrorism; it 
doesn’t somehow reduce it or eliminate it or 
“fight” it. Britain is the key co-conspirator 
in U.S. wars. One real-life Love Actually refusal 
to bow before Emperor Donald, and the facade of 
super-hero law enforcement will begin t o 
crumble, revealing a rogue serial killer standing 
naked in his golden hotel suite. The world needs 
an actual popular elected response to U.S. 
aggression against the world’s poor and the 
earth’s climate. A ho-hum housebroken Frenchman 
who’s not a fascist isn’t the same thing. 

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