Wow, Mark – impressive link.


When we are in the Cariboos, we ski every year looking across the Valley straight at Mt. Robson.  We also drive beside it a couple of times every trip going to/from Jasper.


Trust me, that photo in no way justifies the terrain that guy skied.  One of my Robson pics is attached – north slope on the left, obviously.  It’s even steeper when you are looking up at it in person.


Also attached a cool pic from this year’s epic trip.  Mountains in the back are looking southwest from the Mica ridgeline at the new Cariboo Glacier Resort.


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....and this is open and in apparently for the first time in 20+ years:


I enjoyed the interview.  It's a refreshing change from the usual hype and spewage about sending it, sick, schralping or some other sadistic sex act or spraying on sit-on-my-Facebook about Tux Reports (oh $hit) or drone shots or backcountry coalitions or my ski area is better than yours or ski biz drivel or some Whatever Pass deal that's good on days only of the month that are easily divisible by a prime number after the second Wednesday in December except in leap years and blah and blah ......  


....... like this guy "gets it" and went skiing just to "get out".


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