This is the third spring I've lived here in Red Lodge, and it's the first
one with a big snowpack on the pass. There were lines getting skiing
opening weekend that haven't been in since I've been here, and it seemed
like everyone in Bozeman got the message. I spent more time away from the
crowds than near them, but the skiing was pretty damn good everywhere, and
while some stuff has melted out since, there's still a lot of good turns to
be had.

Reefer Ridge Bowl:

Looking back up Made for Aces, which probably would've skied 300% better
two hours later:

The next couloir over, which was a new run for me this year (skied Sunday
of opening weekend):

(looks much less intimidating from down here, of course)

Exiting down into the valley below:
Crossing the creek (which is now probably a Really Bad Idea, water is a lot
higher and there aren't any helpful snow bridges left):

One of the skinnier lines on Gardiner Headwall, which has since melted out
at the choke:

With a little context:

The diagonal chute I've heard called both 'Showtime' and 'Femur Couloir';
to looker's right of that is Hourglass, and to looker's right of that is
the main line on Gardiner Headwall. Hourglass and the main line are
definitely still in, although the narrow portion of Hourglass is probably a
little skinnier now; the main line should be skiable well into July. The
wall to looker's left has some skiing that's still in, too, but I don't
know what, if any the named lines out there are.

Top of Rock Creek Headwall, opening weekend:

Rock Creek Headwall, Saturday this past weekend:

Looking at '57 Chevy last weekend (looker's right of the photo, sadly
melted out beyond what I'm willing to ski with that amount of pitch):

I'm not to post my photos from Beartooth Basin, because there are a bunch
of better photos and videos kicking around from the same weekend (check out
Kinzley Photography at, but it's a
damned cool place. All you really need to know is that it's two pomas,
short vertical but sweet terrain, and tickets are $20 for a power hour, $35
for a half day, and $45 for a full day, available in the Ticket
Office...which is a trailer in the parking lot up top.

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