To piggyback on this discussion I have another academic nursing library question. Our healthcare system includes an associate degree medical college that will be expanding their program to offer bachelor degree programs starting next year and would like more library resources to support it. The hospital building where I am located is very strapped for space and this summer some of the library will be taken to make more room for patient care. The aforementioned affiliated college has just offered me enough space to have the entire library moved to the college building. Since like Annie most of my requests arrive via email I don't have many walk-in patrons these days except those coming to use the computers and library conference room, but I feel even that traffic helps keep the fact of the library's existence in mind. I'm afraid if I move off the hospital campus the library will be less and less remembered by clinical staff. Has anyone else been moved off-site and if so, how did it affect your services to hospital staff? All opinions appreciated!
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Hello All,

I'm the liaison to nursing at my institution and it has been the practice for several years now to have office hours at the nursing building to save students and faculty from trekking over to the library at the medical school. In the last couple years I have had no more than a half dozen visitors in the entire academic year. I attribute this to the undergraduates not really needing me and the graduates being almost all distance. Most of my questions are via email.

I'm curious what others do in similar situations. Faculty love to brag about how I come over there a couple times a week and the dean frequently waves at me when she walks by. I don't really want to stop them, but if no one comes... I've considered online office hours, but most of the NP and DNP students are practicing nurses and I doubt my spouse would be happy about evening office hours.

What are your thoughts and experiences?

Thank you,

Annie Nickum, BSN MLIS AHIP

Research and Education Librarian

University of North Dakota

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