I wrote the weeding policy for my old library (plus I wrote an article about weeding.)

It's been a while since I saw the policy but I think there was a 10 year time limit on books. However there were certain subjects that were not discarded such as historical and archival materials or subjects the researchers needed no matter how old. We also kept anything not owned by many libraries. 

When the library moved to a smaller location, we discarded a lot of the journals we found online but I tried to discard the free online journals first.  

I don't remember if there was a donation policy but I think we let them know that keeping it was at our discretion. 

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I don't know if this is a best practice, but we require folks submit a list of titles with the year of the books they are interested in donating, then we let them know which titles (if any) we will take.  

Sometimes we get drop-and-runs of boxes of old books, leaving us to recycle them.  People don't realize that it costs the money in staff time to pitch their old books.


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Subject: Weeding/Donation Guidelines

Hello Fellow Medical Librarians,

What are your guidelines for weeding books or for accepting donations?  I have people from many departments who try to unload their 30 year old medical textbooks on me and I end up discarding most of them.

Here has been my criteria for books I will discard:

More than 5 years old
Has a superseding edition
Is held in another library within my state

Are there any other best practices I should know about?

Thank you all,

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