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Click HERE to hear Mitchel Cohen's report for WBAI/Pacifica radio, 
including  his interview with WBAI's Max Schmid ("Golden Age of 
Radio") about NYC's night of spraying pesticides in Queens, Thursday, 
July 27, 2017.

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New York City is again spraying dangerous pesticides to kill 
mosquitoes said to be carrying West Nile Virus. The City is spraying 
"Duet", which is an even stronger pyrethroid poison than the 
chemicals it's been spraying in recent years. "Duet" adds the 
synthetic chemical Prallethrin to the toxic stew of sumithrin, 
piperonyl butoxide, propane, napthalene, and trimethyl benzene. 
According to the No Spray Coalition which had won its lawsuit against 
the City's spraying ten years ago, pyrethroids are endocrine 
disruptors and are extremely dangerous to all people as well as 
animals and pets, and especially to children.

Mitchel Cohen reports for WBAI / Pacifica radio.