We would like to make registration as fair and efficient as possible. To
that end, we will be adopting the following registration policies:

— School registration (request for a specific number of team and judge
spots) will close on August 15.

— Allocations will be announced by August 18. Our allocation policy will be
to keep track of the order in which schools register, and following this
order, every school will be given their first team spot, then their second
team spot, then their third, etc. This will continue until all available
team spots have been allocated.

— Participant registration (names of all debaters and judges) will close on
September 8.

— Registration deposits ($10/debater or judge) are also due on September 8.
Deposits can be paid by PayPal, personal check, TransferWise, or credit
card (via PayPal). Deposits will be refunded or applied to the total
registration bill during final registration on the first day of the
tournament. If it is administratively easier to pay the full fees at this
stage, you are of course welcome to do so.

— Deposits will only be retained for those debaters or judges who do not
show up and who did not cancel prior to September 16. Also, if we are able
to replace a team or judge on short notice, the deposit will not be

— Special discounts and accommodations will be made for Mexican and Central
American teams who contact us.

The purpose of us collecting deposits is to avoid schools initially
registering more teams or judges than they are actually likely to bring,
causing us either to turn down other teams who would come or to have too
few judges for full panels. This is a policy that will ensure as many
participants are able to actually attend as possible.

We look forward to hosting you all this fall!