Just wondering....If more than one photo has been submitted for a given
species at the same hotspot, which one is selected for the Illustrated
Checklist?  Newest?  Oldest?  Something else?

Thanks,  Ken Copenhaver


On Sun, Jul 16, 2017 at 6:11 PM, Kent McFarland <[log in to unmask]
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> Hi Martha,
> Justin is correct. It pulls the data from all of our checklists to populate
> whatever area or hotspot you request for illustrated checklists. So if you
> want to add an image or sound, you must add it via a checklist. If you only
> have an image or sound and no  complete checklist, if you know the date,
> you can add it via an incidental or historical checklist type.
> Also, folks have noticed and commented that some of their images and sounds
> are not showing up. There are two reasons. First, if you added them the old
> way before eBird allowed uploading directly (such as Flickr tags in
> comments), then there is no image to use. That just showed your image using
> HTML when one looked at the checklist. So you have to go back to those old
> checklists and actually upload the images and sounds to them and delete the
> HTML in the comment boxes that used Flickr. The second reason it won't show
> up is if it is rare or out of season and flagged for review. It won't show
> up until one of the county coordinators reviews the data and it becomes
> valid in eBird.
> Thanks so much for contributing to Vermont eBird!
> Kent
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> On Sat, Jul 15, 2017 at 4:29 PM, Martha Pfeiffer <
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> > Kent,
> > Great addition to ebird checklists.
> >  Question:  I wanted to add a photo (there was none of a Great Egret) and
> > clicked on the "add photo" and the page sent me to "submit observations",
> > location, etc. as if I were submitting a checklist rather than letting me
> > choose a photo from my computer files.  How best to put in a photo?
> >
> > Cheers,  Martha
> >