Hi Jim,
You are correct that donations came from the general public and data was collected by Audubon staff and Allan Strong. The 600 acres enrolled in the project in VT in 2017 produced more than 630 fledglings. These numbers are higher than 2015 and 2016 numbers.


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The Bobolink project comes to mind.  I learned about it from the Vermont ebird listserve out of UVM.
no data was collected that I know o,f but the fund raising was on line.

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Greetings Everyone!

I'll be giving a presentation at the Association of Vermont Conservation Commissions this year on citizen science and smartphone technology. I'm looking for examples of bird related projects at the community level.
Specifically, a project using citizen science or a smartphone or both and how the data was used.

I have good examples for reptiles/amphibians and mammals and am now looking for others.

Please send me an email below if you have a project vignette I could share.

Many thanks!

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