I was lucky enough to catch an incidental quick glimpse of one migrating Nighthawk over Manchester last night about 6:30 pm.   Gotta get out there and LOOK!

Ruth Stewart
E. Dorset, VT

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I saw 30 Common Nighthawks at my house on East Warren Rd, Waitsfield this evening around 7 PM.  This is only the second time I've ever seen them here, and the other time there were only 2.  Like Liz, I've been inspired by Don Clark's reports over the years and I keep my eye on the evening sky at this time of year.

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After striking out on repeated attempts to catch the Common Nighthawk migration here in Stowe, tonight was the night.  18 birds came by my watch site at the beginning of the Rec Path in Stowe.  The confluence of Little River and West Branch.  I even got a good look at one of their tails and saw the white band that the males have.  Thank you Don Clark for pointing out this detail.  And an even bigger thank you to this man for recording and sharing his counts with us all.  He has been a big inspiration to me.

Gotta keep looking up,

Liz Lackey