Craig you will be sorely missed!  Your voice of reason and advocacy for student use of technology has shaped the educational technology landscape in Vermont.  Hope we'll still hear your voice on the listserv!

Also hope to see you and Lucie on the road sometime--always room in our driveway for your rig!


On Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 11:54 AM, genevieve gallagher <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing you guys at MakerFaire!

On Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 11:20 AM, Mike Vining <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Craig taught a lot of us, a lot of things over the years… the many, many years… and I think some of it was even intentional!


Congratulations Craig it is well deserved.  I appreciate all you’ve done with and for the School IT community as well as for me personally (it wasn’t always pretty in the Bat Cave, but I learned a lot -- probably due to that it wasn’t always pretty).


I still fondly remember the after work Starcraft sessions with You, Adam, and me vs a single *#@! student who would crush us and midway through our beating Adam would get bored and go rogue….

“Nuclear Launch Detected!”

Craig – “Argh! We’re on the same team Adam!”


So long Craig and thanks for all the fish!




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Subject: Could it be true? Is Craig really retiring


There is a special guy I know who is spending his last day as a K12 school network administrator.  A guy who I met on a Vermont School IT Listserv a  long time ago,  before it was housed by UVM - and was run from a BBS that he set up to be run WITH students!   I'm thinking that we should ask him to call one last PIZZA meeting sometimes soon! What do you think? 



[log in to unmask]">

I remember being jealous of CVU having one of the first SCHOOl IT  positions ever, when most of us were teachers setting up and maintaining computers in our classrooms.  


But Craig was always willing to answer my questions. I'd bump into him at conferences and pick his brain about things like "why my webpages were displaying outside of schools with an relative link, but I needed an absolute link to make them appear inhouse" 


I'll never forget the day of the Cyber Security Conference where he pulled in next to my car on his motor cycle and greeted me and made me feel welcomed even though I was 'just a teacher'  wondering if she belonged there. 

He always made everyone feel welcomed to grow their skills  and worked so hard not only to provide ACCESS to everyone, but to empower them with new skills. 
These very characteristics earned him the Frank Watson Award in 2011



Little did I know that years later we would find ourselves single at the same time and he would start courting me ;-)   

Which turned out very well for me.

Even lead to a fun workshop that we co-presented at VErmontFest one year called The Marriage Between EdTech and IT


I know he's probably busy today  passing on the keys and passwords to the systems he has set up at St. Albans City School, but I couldn't let today pass without some type of acknowledgement that this is a big day for CRAIG LYNDES! 







Lucie deLaBruere


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