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I have received a few inquiries about the WeVideo pricing lately, so I just wanted to share a few highlights about the Vermont Consortium pricing for WeVideo. 
Currently there are 17,000 users of WeVideo in our school! 

As your Vita-Learn IGNITE coordinator I've been able to work with WeVideo to get another year of discount pricing for Vermont schools.  Although WeVideos prices start at $6.63 per student - our VERMONT pricing (until December 31) is $2.50 per student.   Any purchases made after December 31 will not be eligible for that price.  The subscription runs until August 31, 2018  for ALL Vermont schools.  So the sooner you activate your subscription the more value you get.  There is no partial pro-rated subscription for the heavily discounted consortium pricing. 

Vita-Learn IGNITE and Regional coordinators are working on a plan to bring a WeVideo training session to all 5 Vita-Learn regions this year.  Any schools that are in the consortium will receive two free vouchers to attend this training. 

You can find information about WeVideo consortium pricing on We Video's 
Vermont Consortium landing page

You can also find a link to this information and to other benefits Vita-Learn offers through its IGNITE project on Vita-Learn Website.

Here are some highlights about the WeVideo subscription. 

Opt-in Period

Vermont K-12 and higher education institutions can opt into the consortium on any date between May 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017 (“Opt-in Period”). Access is valid for up to 16 months - from your date of purchase (on or after May 1, 2017) until August 31, 2018.

Purchasing Process

Please complete a purchase order (PO) for the number of licenses requested and email it to [log in to unmask] and[log in to unmask].

Purchase Orders should be made out to:

WeVideo, Inc.

149 Commonwealth Dr., Suite 2118

 Menlo Park, CA 94025

Please scan and send to [log in to unmask] and use the subject “PO for Vermont Consortium”.  In addition to the attached PO, the email must include:

  • The number of licenses you are buying (minimum of 30);
  • The super-admin the account should be provisioned to (account owner’s name and email address);
  • The email address of the communication contact for this account (if different from account owner);
  • Accounts Payable contact (first name, last name, and email);
  • Any other pertinent billing or subscription information.

Once your PO is processed, WeVideo will contact you with confirmation.

Lucie deLaBruere

Google Voice (802) 557 0013

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