Hi Amber,
                I feel your pain. I too am in a small office which is circular and has five windows. I call it the Birdcage but it has no place for file cabinets so they are all in the tiny vault and it too is crammed full. We would have to raise the building up and add a floor for more space but it also houses our library and our Town Hall and I don't see that happening.  I share the office with the Listers and the Zoning Administrator.  We will need to look for space soon. I changed how large our books are so I could start fitting two to a roller shelf.  It will give us a little more time to figure out how they can plan on more space.

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My office is in a school, a small concrete block square with no room to expand, it seems we have more people and "stuff" we have to add every year to the same space that was created in 1958. The best option we have come up with is to go up and smaller. We have put shelves up on the wall, smaller desks for support staff that are here only a few hours a week, and moved all non-essential items to storage over our Town Garage  mile up the road.

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Subject: office space issues

I'm sure many towns have experienced growing pains, trying to fit more people, functions and equipment into historic buildings that are not always easy to modify.
If your town has managed to successfully reconfigure it's interior office space without an expensive addition, I'd love to hear from you!
Thank you,
Martha Harrison
West Windsor