A team of persons take care of the district and school website.

One designated administrator at Central Office who oversees at the district
level and ensures district vision.

Each school has educators (librarians) as coordinators.

At EMS we have a team...they include:

The school librarian as coordinator and overseer the school website

The IT person actively posts school community and professional/ technology
updates and coordinates all student posts of content and photographs

The gym teacher takes care of the school calendar including posting all
athletic and other school events.

On Oct 14, 2017 8:12 AM, "Will Hatch" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> In ACSD we are sparring over who is responsible for taking care of
> individual school websites. My feeling is that the IT department can assist
> with the "how" of putting content on websites, but shouldn't be responsible
> for the "what" goes on them.  We have asked all schools to designate one
> person as a point of contact.  As I expected, I'm getting opposition to
> this plan.  We have 10 websites.  Website maintenance is currently not in
> the job description of anyone in the IT department.  We use Schoolwires.
> My question for anyone willing to weigh-in,  is what do you do in your
> district?  Thanks for any feedback.
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> Will Hatch
> Director Of Technology
> Addison Central School District
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