Has anyone experienced this:

A user creates an email draft in GMail in Chrome. He then goes to the Edit menu and chooses "Spelling and Grammar" and then "Show Spelling and Grammar" from the submenu. In the past that showed him where corrections might need to be made. Today he stopped in to show me that it no longer does.

I can confirm that nothing happens for me either when I go to those menu selections.

I've never used this feature, but he does all the time. He insists that it's worked in the past for a long time and up until very recently. Does anyone have any ideas how it could get turned off or how I can re-enable the feature?

His Chrome version is up-to-date. I reset his Chrome. I tried turning on "use a web service to resolve spelling errors", but that made no difference.

Any help will be appreciated.


/\/\ ark

Mark Kline, M.Ed.
Director of Technology
White River Valley Supervisory Union


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