Hello all involved in penning/thinking about, working on, Digital Learning Plans:


Some news from this past week:


The Superintendents requested that AOE back down on the “requirement” around the Digital Learning Plan, so the plan is NOT a requirement for each SU.  It is strongly suggested that folks undertake a process on this, but where it can, it should be tied to Continuous Improvement or other planning requirements that the SU/SD is already undertaking.   There will be a more formal announcement around the lifting of the requirement in the Weekly Field Memo next week. 


There will be a couple of sessions on Digital Learning Plans at VTFest, one that I am leading on Friday first thing in the AM (virtually) and one that is being led by the good folks at Addison Central SU around their plan process, that session is in the afternoon on Friday.     My session will go over the plan a bit, and answer questions about putting together your process. 


The comment period ended and I am carving out time to update the State level plan itself, but the “template” within will likely change little.  If you are starting on this, you can still use that template to guide your work.






Peter Drescher

State Director of Educational Technology

VT Agency of Education

219 N. Main St. Suite 402

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