Does anyone have an example of what standards you currently use for your system life cycle for equipment?
Here is an example of what I was looking for:

Equipment Type       LifeSpan
Monitor                     10 years
Cart                           10 years
Chromebook              5 years
Desktop PC               5 Years
Digital Camera          5 years
Document Camera    5 Years
LCD Projector            7 Years
Printer                        7 years

Mini Macs 

This is not a complete list, but I'm just trying to get a general idea on what other districts are using for standards, and if possible, some information regarding how that lifecycle was determined would be helpful. 

For example, Google sets the supportable lifecycle of a Chromebook at 5 years, but perhaps you set it to 3 because student's take those systems home and there is additional wear and tear associated. 

Philip Hayes
System Administrator
Harwood Unified Union School District
(802) 583-7957


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