We now have a growing pile (15+) of CTL N6 Education ChromeBooks which have become unusable (and out of warranty).  The device shows an OS corruption error with an exclamation point which says we need to reinstall the OS.  We’ve worked on lots of ChromeBooks over the years, so that’s not a real challenge.  What *is* problematic is the fact these affected devices CANNOT be restored.  We’ve tried many different recovery sticks (even tried different manufacturers and sizes)  but the recovery process simply freezes.  Every time.  Leaving them to “restore” over night does not help. We’ve spent waaay too much researching and problem solving and have not made any headway.

We contacted CTL directly and tried their suggestions, including: disconnect the battery, wait at least one minutes and make sure the trickle charge has completely emptied, reconnect and try again.  Nada.

Flush the local memory and do a hard reset.  Didn’t change anything.

We even tried replacing the internal flash/hard drives.  Nope.  Stuck in recovery process.  Forever.

Does anyone have a suggestion?  We’re extremely frustrated and rapidly running out of machines for our classrooms at this rate.  The large number of failures, and the frequency, makes us think we’re missing something.  


Drew Blanchard
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Winooski City Schools
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