The MINT is Rutland's new Makerspace.  Hopefully, some of you got out to enjoy our Open House back in August.  Since then, we've been filling our calendar with some exciting classes and events.  Tomorrow we're holding a class that would be fun for a lot of you, and would also be appropriate for many of your students.  Please share as you feel is appropriate.  See below for the full write up...  If you'd like to sign up, use this link.  To learn about all the classes The MINT offers, follow us on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter at

Exploring Code - A La Mode
Saturday, 10/7, 1-4:30
$35 Member $45 Non-Member

Would you like to learn more about computer programming (coding), but not sure which language to learn first? Which languages are used for web apps, phone apps, web services or standalone apps? Which languages work with what operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux)? Which languages run on multiple OS (cross-platform)? Which languages are used with the Raspberry Pi computer? Where can I learn more online?

Join Ron Pulcer, CCV instructor and intrepid maker, for an afternoon of coding exploration and fun. While this is an introductory course and a high-level view of programming and apps, all are welcome. Even if you have some coding experience, you are welcome to come and share your knowledge with others, and join the discussion.

The class will involve some basic hands-on exercises with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Python. Please bring your own laptop if you have one. We have some machines at The MINT that we can loan for the class.

We will take a break midway and enjoy some ice-cream. Enjoy some "a la mode" with your computer "code", before you hit the road, to enjoy the rest of your day!


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