*Dear Vermont Educational Community,*

A position as the SW Vermont Vita-Learn Board Representative has become
available.  Before you say you are too busy, perhaps you need to consider
the benefits of serving on the Vita-Learn Board!  Being part of the
Vita-Learn Board connects you to a whole range of people and resources that
can elevate your knowledge and experience in School IT.  As an ISTE
Affiliate and COSN State Chapter, Vita-Learn is poised to move Vermont into
the future.  Don’t you want to be part of that?

There are two ways to run for office:

   - Plan to be at the next regional meeting and tell us why you want to
   join the Vita-Learn Board!

*Mill River Union High School*
*Now on October 26th from 4-6*

   - Can't make the meeting? Submit a letter of interest describing who you
   are along with your reason for wanting to join the board.

A vote will take place during the meeting. For more information about
Vita-Learn Board duties please follow this link.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Joe Bertelloni
<[log in to unmask]>or Board Member Patricia Aigner
<[log in to unmask]>for more information.

​​To RSVP for the meeting, please click here

Here is our proposed agenda:

Vita-Learn Updates and election of a new board member
Using Student Made Video for Evidence and Reflection (great for PLP's!)
WeVideo training and updates
PIZZA and Mini Grant!!

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you there!

Vita-Learn Southwest Region Coordinators:

Joe Bertelloni - Clarendon Elementary School and Tinmouth Elementary School
[log in to unmask]

Karen McCalla - Mill River Union High School Librarian
[log in to unmask]

Vita-Learn <> is a Non-profit in Vermont that
is committed to preparing today's learners for the demands of tomorrow.
Vita-Learn's mission is to *promote and support the use of information
technology to transform Vermont education through the provision of
professional development, training and networking opportunities.*