VITA-Learn Fall Regional Meeting - October 30th at Barre City School

Want to here about what PLP platforms are out there?  Looking for an opportunity to talk about how various schools are approaching PLPs? Join us for a Central Vermont VITA-Learn Regional Meeting! I’ll be sharing my notes from the AoE’s PLP Platform Fair, and take part in a discussion (with snacks) about PLPs. We will also take a few minutes to discuss regional business, and elect our board representative. If you’d like to suggest topics and locations for future meetings, this will be a great chance to speak up.

All are welcome regardless of role or school. There is no cost to attend; I simply ask that you RSVP. We will be meeting at Barre City School, and snacks will be provided.


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Ben Matthews
Technology Integration Specialist
Barre City Elementary & Middle School
VITALearn Regional Coordinator, Central Vermont


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