Science for the People activists are currently working on language for a petition in defense of Moshe Machover. Machover was recently expelled from the UK Labour Party as part of its ongoing internal fight between its left wing supporting Corbyn and its old guard looking to use any means to discredit that left wing. Attacking prominent anti-Zionists such as Machover seems to be its latest tack and there is an internal fight underway to defend Machover. 

The success of such a defense campaign could both serve to sustain Labour's left turn and serve to advance the international Palestine solidarity movement. Here's the statement circulating among Machover's supporters in Labour:

Science for the People is proposing a petition specifically highlighting Professor Machover's international renown as a mathematical logician and philosopher in addition to the critical contribution he has made to modern anti-colonialism. We are hoping to launch this petition pre-signed by a handful of credentialed and respected academics familiar with Machover's contributions.

If you have contacts in the fields of Mathematics, Logic, or Philosophy with a known commitment to free speech and Palestinian human rights, please forward this email to them or e-mail Conor Dempsey ([log in to unmask]) and myself ([log in to unmask]) with their information. With their help in drafting and distributing such a petition we hope to open a new front in Machover's defense.

Our intention is to demonstrate international solidarity with Machover and all victims of what appears to be a dangerous McCarthyite turn by some of Israel's most cynical supporters within the Labour bureaucracy. 

Chris Dols